NIGERIA—Eha Impact Ventures (EIV), an impact investment firm, has converted US$3 million in debt financing into equity for EHA Clinics, a prominent network of primary care facilities in Nigeria.

By transitioning debt into equity, EIV aims to bolster EHA Clinics’ financial position ahead of its Series A funding round, facilitating access to additional capital for business expansion and operational scaling.

Since its inception in 2018, EHA Clinics has rapidly expanded its footprint in Nigeria’s healthcare landscape, distinguishing itself through innovative technology integration, a commitment to quality care, and accessible pricing.

EIV’s initial debt financing was pivotal in supporting EHA Clinics during its formative years, enabling the company to establish a solid foundation in Nigeria.

 Commenting on this conversion, Evelyn Castle, CEO of EIV, noted that the conversion represents a strategic investment in EHA Clinics’ future.

She emphasized the company’s objective to improve healthcare access in Nigeria and reaffirmed its commitment to supporting its growth through this financing initiative.

EHA Clinics CEO Adam Thompson expressed gratitude for EIV’s ongoing relationship and assistance.

He claimed that changing debt to stock improves their financial position and demonstrates their investors’ belief in their long-term success.

According to Thompson, this strategic decision will allow them to strengthen their operations, expand their service offerings, and speed up their aim to provide quality healthcare to Nigerians.

EHA Clinics will benefit from debt conversion in a variety of ways, including improved capital-raising capabilities, expanded operational capacity, stronger asset protection, improved cash flow management, and higher attractiveness to potential investors.

This financial manoeuvre enables EHA Clinics to better position itself for future growth and sustainability, guaranteeing that it can fulfil Nigeria’s evolving healthcare demands.

EHA Clinics is set to increase its services and effect by strengthening its financial base, allowing more Nigerians access to high-quality basic care.

 This strategic collaboration with EIV illustrates the power of impact investing to drive substantial change in key sectors such as healthcare.

As EHA Clinics prepares for its Series A investment round, the improved financial position from this debt-to-equity conversion is likely to attract more investors and allow for further expansion.

This step underlines the continuous commitment of both EHA Clinics and EIV to improve healthcare outcomes and accessibility in Nigeria.

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