USA – Eli Lilly has injected an additional US$5.3 billion into its manufacturing operations at its Lebanon, Indiana site, significantly amplifying its commitment to bolster active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) production.

This surge brings the total investment in the facility to US$9 billion, with a primary focus on expanding the capacity for producing APIs crucial for medications addressing chronic conditions like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The investment highlights Lilly’s dedication to advancing treatments like Zepbound and Mounjaro, which are tailored for adult patients grappling with these persistent health challenges. 

With Mounjaro receiving approval in 2022 and Zepbound securing authorization last year, Lilly strategically positioned itself to meet the escalating demand for these vital medications.

Since 2020, Lilly has embarked on an ambitious initiative, earmarking over US$16 billion to establish new manufacturing sites across the United States and Europe. 

These developments, spanning locations in North Carolina, Ireland, and Germany, highlight the company’s commitment to strengthening its global manufacturing footprint.

Additionally, Lilly has allocated US$1.2 billion to modernize its existing Indianapolis facilities and acquired a manufacturing unit in Wisconsin from Nexus Pharmaceuticals, further fortifying its manufacturing capabilities. 

Collectively, these investments exceed US$18 billion, emphasizing Lilly’s unwavering commitment to expanding its manufacturing prowess.

The expansion at the Lebanon site, situated within Indiana’s LEAP Research and Innovation District, is poised to create 200 new full-time positions, encompassing roles for skilled professionals such as engineers and scientists. 

The site is projected to employ approximately 900 individuals upon full operationalization, and over 5,000 construction jobs will be generated during the development phase.

David Ricks, Chair and CEO of Eli Lilly, lauded the announcement as the largest manufacturing investment in the company’s history and a milestone in synthetic medicine API manufacturing in the United States. 

Ricks emphasized the significance of investing in Indiana, fostering high-wage, advanced manufacturing jobs that benefit countless Hoosier families.

The state of Indiana is rallying behind Lilly’s expansion endeavors, offering support through infrastructure enhancements, workforce development initiatives, and economic incentives tied to the company’s investment and employment objectives. 

Construction at the Lebanon site commenced last year.

Operations are slated to commence toward the end of 2026 and scale up through 2028.

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