UAE – Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center has launched its new medical dermatology department offering exclusive skin cancer detection services with expert advice headed by a renowned French plastic surgeon.

It is a subsidiary of Safari Holding comprising experienced plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors dedicated to providing their patients with the best, most comfortable, and safe healthcare experience.

Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center is a pioneer in cutting-edge surgical techniques set to revolutionize healthcare delivery in the United Arab Emirates.

It specialises in the most advanced surgical procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, dermatology, gynaecology, dentistry, laser treatment, skincare, hair care, slimming treatments, diet and nutrition, and general surgery.

Located in Abu Dhabi, Elyzee Medical Center’s new dermatology clinic will offer a range of high-quality medical services to meet each patient’s unique needs.

Welcoming the general public to the healthcare institution, Dr. Mohammed Ayaydeh, the General Manager of Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center, said: “The facilities are regularly updated with the latest techniques and equipment to ensure a consistently high standard of healthcare.”

He reaffirmed to the patients that the center’s mission, vision, and values are supported by a highly qualified and dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and administration staff.

Dr. Ayaydeh advised potential and existing clients to visit their website to gather essential information and helpful answers to any questions regarding dermatology services.

Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center’s vision is to create a Center of Excellence for aesthetic, cosmetic, dentistry, and surgical procedures. The goal is to help its clients look and feel their best,” he added.

The skin care facility is well-equipped with advanced medical-surgical equipment and skilled surgeons to provide patient-centered medical care exceeding patients’ expectations.

Moreover, the opening of Elyzee’s dermatology department aligns with its commitment to providing patients with the best possible medical care by utilizing cutting-edge, minimally invasive techniques.

Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center is set to expand its chain of specialised hospitals by launching a post-burn reconstructive unit to its dynamic setup.

Microscopic Lymphatic Surgery, which will be one of Elyzee Boutique Specialty Hospital’s main departments, will help to improve the lives of many patients, particularly people affected by breast cancer.

Chairman of Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center, Sheikh Saleh Al-Sagri, acknowledged its employees’ talent, passion, commitment, and corporate culture of excellence, noting that Elyzee continues to thrive and grow as a dynamic company due to its remarkable team.

With a commitment to constant innovation and the implementation of new solutions, Safari Group is confident in its ability to sustain its success, profitability, and growth for all stakeholders,” said Sheikh Saleh.

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