UAE  –  The Emirates Drug Establishment (EDE) Board of Directors convened for its fourth meeting, focused on shaping regulatory frameworks and operational strategies for the nation’s healthcare and pharmaceutical domains.

The session was chaired by Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, the Minister of State for Foreign Trade and Chairman of the EDE Board.

Other prominent figures in the meeting were Dr. Maha Tayseer, Deputy Chairperson, Dr. Fatima Mohammed Hilal Al Kaabi, Director General, and Ahmed Al Rumaithi, who represented the UAE’s youth.

Central to the discussions was formulating specialized committees to optimize the EDE’s efficiency. 

Additionally, deliberations revolved around integrating various governmental services, with plans to transfer supervision of over 160 services from relevant ministries to the EDE.

Dr. Thani highlighted  EDE’s commitment to establishing a comprehensive organizational framework to oversee all healthcare and pharmaceutical operations in the UAE.

 Emphasizing raising standards and fostering innovation, he envisioned aligning the nation’s healthcare industry with global benchmarks.

“We are resolute in refining the institutional structure of the EDE to assimilate pertinent government entities, thus advancing our healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors in harmony with international norms,” remarked Dr. Thani. 

He further expressed his determination to bolster local pharmaceutical capacities, nurture excellence, and attract global investments and talent.

Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi, in her capacity as the Director General, outlined plans to execute previous board recommendations, including setting up an efficient organizational structure. 

With an eye on strategic goals, she affirmed the EDE’s commitment to elevating standards and catalyzing the growth of the nation’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

The establishment of a robust organizational framework is pivotal to our mission of enhancing healthcare standards and propelling sectoral expansion,” stated Dr. Al Kaabi, highlighting the EDE’s role in bolstering citizen well-being and fostering sustainable economic development.

The UAE Cabinet’s approval of the EDE’s Board of Directors in December 2023 marked a significant milestone. 

The board, which has a three-year tenure, is entrusted with regulating and managing all medical products nationwide, including various categories such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, and agricultural products.

In essence, the initiatives set forth by the EDE emphasized a concerted effort to streamline regulatory practices, foster innovation, and elevate standards across the UAE’s pharmaceutical landscape. 

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