ERITREA— In a continuation of efforts initiated during the Massawa conference on April 2 regarding the forthcoming national measles and rubella vaccination program, along with the provision of essential Vitamin A supplements, a subsequent workshop convened in Asmara on April 9.

This recent gathering, focusing on the rollout of the national measles and rubella vaccination program alongside the distribution of vitamin A supplements, took place on April 9 in Asmara under the theme “Let’s Ensure Our Children’s Health with Integrated Effort.”

Attended by all sub-zone and sub-zonal administrators, the session was hosted by the Ministry of Health.

Mr. Tedros Yihdego, leading the national immunization program, commended Eritrea’s successful track record in implementing vaccination programs.

He highlighted the remarkable increase in vaccine coverage, from 10% post-independence to a current 97%, marking a significant achievement in public health.

The upcoming vaccine campaign will focus on children aged 9 months to 5 years for measles and rubella vaccinations, with those aged 6 months to 5 years also eligible for Vitamin A supplementation, showcasing the initiative’s comprehensive approach to child health.

Col. Gebrehans Woldegergis, Director General of Social Services for the region, emphasized the crucial role of children’s health in societal well-being.

He urged the broader community, particularly administrators and community leaders, to actively engage in ensuring the success of this health initiative.

The workshop facilitated extensive discussions on various aspects of the program and concluded with a collective commitment from all delegates to dedicate themselves to the successful implementation of the vaccination campaign.

Scheduled from April 24 to 28, the measles and rubella vaccination drive, along with Vitamin A distribution, represents a significant stride toward enhancing regional public health.

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