FINLAND – Hibox Systems, an Accedo Group subsidiary, has launched CareCall, a video call service for care facilities that can be used by residents and patients to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as by care professionals to conduct virtual rounds and scheduled appointments.

Hibox, which was acquired by Accedo in February 2021, is a provider of innovative information, entertainment, and communication solutions to the hospitality, healthcare, and telecom industries.

CareCall allows patients, residents, and staff at care institutions to video call within and call mobile phones externally using monitored TVs or tablets.

Research shows that  active social relationships can enhance patients’ medical results by preventing or alleviating stress, anxiety, or depression.

Using CareCall allows the patient to feel a sense of belonging, love and care, and support from friends, family, and others in their community.

Such activities can also encourage physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, and a lower chance of negative behavior.

Hibox CareCall has been installed at a new purpose-built residential home, Teglagården, in Skara, Sweden, which was officially opened on September 23rd, 2023. It provides 107 assisted living apartments and 8 LSS apartments.

The facility has been designed and constructed to embrace the most recent digital solutions to improve patient well-being and care, as well as the efficiency and working environment for care workers. Each apartment is equipped with a 43- or 55-inch TV to facilitate video calling.

During the launch, Bill Anckar, COO of Hibox Systems, expressed pleasure that the Hibox CareCall solution was chosen for the state-of-the-art residential complex at Teglagården, stressing that keeping socially active offers various health benefits.

Teglagården’s CareCall program improves patients’ daily lives by allowing them to effortlessly communicate and share their experiences with loved ones.

Teglagården’s Project Manager, Staffan Lundstedt, underlined the significance of providing secure and dignified homes for the elderly. Teglagården aims to establish a home-like setting with clear technology.

He went on to say that they mapped out what was crucial to individuals moving in and were willing to attempt both proven and novel ways, and as a result, the response to these solutions has been quite positive, and everyone finds it exciting.

He finished by saying that they have very well accomplished all of their desires and generated security and the potential for future security-enhancing actions and solutions.

Special-Elektronik represents Hibox in Sweden, and the solution is delivered in partnership with Teknikinstallationer, a local distributor.

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