USA – New York-based Long Island Jewish Valley Stream has become the first healthcare institution in the United States to install the LUMINOS Lotus Max, a premium 2-in-1 remote-controlled imaging system from Siemens Healthineers.

The new imaging technology delivers enhanced patient care and streamlines the diagnostic imaging process with better outcomes for patients.

The LUMINOS Lotus Max is a remote-controlled, two-in-one fluoroscopy and radiography imaging system that allows medical staff to perform two previously separate imaging tests with one machine and quickly switch between them in a truly integrative manner.

It combines radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging with orthopedic studies such as long-leg or full-spine examinations and basic interventions to provide versatility in a wide range of clinical examinations and patient types.

The technology goes beyond saving patients time and money on imaging appointments and improving the speed and image quality of their test results.

The system is highly automated for ease of use, and all images and patient data are automatically encrypted.

A wireless footswitch is available, as is an Enhanced Care Package of software features to help minimize patient dose, improve workflow, and optimize image quality, as well as a multi-color MoodLight feature.

The radiography component of the machine provides still X-ray images of structural damage done to the body, such as broken bones.

Similarly, the fluoroscopy component provides a moving two-dimensional image of the body’s internal systems at work to help pinpoint where and when they stop working, such as gastrointestinal and esophageal issues, including swallowing and speaking difficulties.

Because the machine covers such a broad range of examinations and patient types, it has quickly become the darling for technologists and medical personnel alike.

In has registered remarkable performance and it has performed admirably in meeting the health needs of a similarly diverse community in Valley Stream and the surrounding area.

The LUMINOS Lotus Max has quickly become the system of choice for our radiologists and technologists,” said Sean Maraj, MBA, Director of Imaging Services at Long Island Jewish Valley Stream Hospital. 

“The system has allowed us to seamlessly improve upon the high level of imaging services and patient care we provide at LIJ Valley Stream.”

With this first U.S. installation of the LUMINOS Lotus Max, Long Island Jewish Valley Stream has the opportunity to realize more efficient workflows and enjoy greater system utilization in fluoroscopic and radiographic examinations, while providing an improved patient experience with a high level of diagnostic confidence,” said Niral Patel, Vice President of X-ray Products at Siemens Healthineers North America.

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