INDIA – Fortis Healthcare, a leading Indian private hospital network, has announced plans for a substantial investment of up to Rs13 billion (US$156 million) to boost capacities at its existing hospitals in the coming years. 

This strategic initiative aims to address the escalating demand for healthcare services in India by adding approximately 2,200 beds across various facilities.

Vivek Goyal, Chief Financial Officer of Fortis Healthcare, disclosed, “Some of the CAPEX has already been incurred in that. So, additional CAPEX will be somewhere around Rs12 billion to Rs13 billion, which include equipment also, everything put together.” 

This expansion encompasses augmenting bed capacity at several facilities, including hospitals located in Faridabad and Anandpur Sahib.

Goyal elaborated on the expansion plans, stating, “In Faridabad, there is space available, and we have planned to further expand and add certain more facilities there.” 

Regarding the Anandpur facility, he revealed, “We have acquired a company with a different land parcel. So, we want to operationalize that also. Post-expansion of these 100 beds, we will be adding maybe another 50 beds in the next financial year in that unit.”

The expansion endeavors extend to Shalimar Bagh, where Fortis intends to erect a new tower in the adjacent plot to accommodate 200-plus beds. 

Goyal affirmed, “This is already included in our overall plan of expansion of 2,200 beds.”

Furthermore, Fortis Healthcare anticipates commencing operations at its Manesar facility with 100 beds by the second quarter of this financial year. 

Goyal stated, “We will be opening initially 100 beds, and we will see how the ramp-up goes on.”

Fortis is adding 100 beds to an existing facility in Kolkata, having secured all necessary approvals. 

Meanwhile, the BG Road facility in Bengaluru awaits an occupancy certificate (OC) by the end of the second quarter of this fiscal year.

Fortis Healthcare operates over 4,500 operational beds across 28 hospitals in India.

This substantial investment highlights the organization’s commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and meeting the evolving healthcare needs of the populace.

The investment aligns with Fortis Healthcare’s overarching mission to provide quality healthcare services and contribute to the well-being of communities across India. 

As the nation’s healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Fortis Healthcare remains steadfast in delivering accessible and comprehensive healthcare solutions to all segments of society.

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