INDIA – SRL Diagnostics, a full-fledged subsidiary of Mumbai-listed hospital chain Fortis Healthcare, has rebranded to ‘Agilus Diagnostics’, signaling the next stage in the company’s growth trajectory.

This news follows the company’s acquisition of Lifeline Laboratory to expand its reach in the Indian pathology market.

For this reason, the diagnostics services network tied up with PathPresenter, the global image-sharing platform for pathology, to facilitate digital pathology consultations between its state-of-the-art reference laboratories in Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bengaluru.

SRL Diagnostics’ rebranding represents a sharpened focus on becoming India’s leading network of diagnostic centers and reflects the company’s strategic agility over the past 28 years.

Agilus Diagnostics will implement and incorporate new technology at its diagnostic facilities to adapt to ever-evolving customer needs.

Through strategic expansion, the development of capabilities in genomics and next-generation diagnostics, superior client experiences, and digitally enabled services, the company aims to continue its legacy of delivering exceptional diagnostic care,” Agilus said in an official note.

The rebranding will help the company to create renewed values for each of its stakeholders and its channel partners while reiterating its focus on achieving better health outcomes for all patients.

To patients, Agilus represents a renewed sense of purpose to empower medical professionals to deliver quality and timely diagnostic care.

To the larger public and society, the company aims to champion good health and well-being, and to the planet, Agilus is a promise to chart a sustainability roadmap with an aim to reduce carbon footprint,” outlined Fortis Healthcare’s diagnostics arm.

Backed by Malaysian IHH Healthcare and its private equity investors, the company is closely working with its partners to complete the brand transition over the coming days.

Commenting on the elevation, Mr. Anand. K, Chief Executive Officer of Agilus Diagnostics, underscored: “This new identity will create momentum for the company’s upcoming growth phase.”

Mr. Anand. K. outlined that it is part of the company’s efforts to rejuvenate its brand as consumers’ needs continue to shift over time.

He further said that this new identity is a clear reflection of the company’s commitment to creating and fostering a culture of collaboration and an environment of diversity and inclusion.

By launching the latest diagnostic solutions, building world-class information technology systems, and offering superior customer experience, we have always stayed a step ahead,” he stated.

Formerly SRL Diagnostics, the company has built a strong legacy of expertise, experience, and trust with patients and doctors after delivering high-quality diagnostic care in the last two decades.

It is India’s largest chain in terms of geographic presence with a presence in 1000+ cities, 34 states, and union territories.

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