INDIA – Medical imaging technology company FUJIFILM India has unveiled its flagship health screening center “NURA” at Worli in Mumbai focused on the early detection of cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

FUJIFILM India has expanded its health screening service business in India with the opening of its first NURA center in Bengaluru, followed by Gurugram and now Mumbai.

Commenting on the opening of NURA health screening center in Mumbai, Mr. Koji Wada, Managing Director, Fujifilm India said: “Our top priority has always been to ensure the highest health standards in every region where we operate.”

The newly launched screening facility is strategically placed to help strengthen the early disease detection landscape of Mumbai and its adjoining areas and support health experts in fighting serious illnesses by diagnosing patients at early stages.

In addition, the Mumbai-based NURA health screening center will tap into insights gained through health screening services. For example, users will be able to check screening results at any time on their smartphones.

It will also have a workflow utilizing a wristband with a QR code to manage the progress of each visitor to shorten waiting time for individual tests.

FUJIFILM said that its state-of-the-art NURA health screening center in Mumbai is well-equipped with advanced medical devices capable of providing high-definition images including CT scans and mammography systems.

The medical information technology (IT) systems of NURA centers are based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology that is designed to support doctors, to carry out screening and tests for cancer and lifestyle diseases,” the company announced.

FUJIFILM pointed out that its health screening centers accomplish the procedure of complete body screening in 120 minutes followed by a meeting with a specialist doctor who explains the results of the screening.

According to the Company’s statement, “NURA” is a collaboration between FUJIFILM India and Dr. Kutty’s Healthcare Private Limited, a leading general medical and surgical hospital based in Kerala.

Fujifilm’s health screening service business in India uses digital technology to contribute to solving social issues in emerging economies.

The project involves building data coordination infrastructure based on blockchain technology to verify an AI-based mechanism for analyzing screening data collected from the three NURA centres to provide feedback to NURA users,” FUJIFILM India informed.

The leader in medical imaging technology outlined that NURA centers were established based on the needs of India’s financial capital driven by speed, efficiency, and accuracy with an aim to revolutionize the landscape of early cancer detection.

In addition, the world-class NURA centers have been opened in strategic areas in India to assist healthcare professionals in achieving early detection and early treatment of cancer thus improving the life expectancy of people in the region.

We will continue to develop and provide various products and services that meet the needs of medical sites to contribute to advancing global health and maintaining and promoting people’s health,” the medical imaging company underscored.

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