NIGERIA—Garki Hospital in Abuja has implemented cutting-edge software, EaseFlow, and a VIP clinic to improve operations and service delivery to its patients.

The hospital’s Medical Director, Dr. Adamu Onu, revealed that these initiatives are intended to simplify patient flow, minimise waiting times, and improve the quality of care offered to thousands of patients from the FCT and neighbouring states.

Dr. Onu stated that the EaseFlow queue management software, which was created in-house, has helped to alleviate congestion and shorten wait times at hospital service points.

He stated that the radiology department, among others, has profited greatly from the technology, resulting in smoother and more effective service delivery for patients.

This distinct solution, introduced six months ago by the hospital’s ICT experts, illustrates Garki Hospital’s commitment to using technology to help their patients.

Onu emphasised the software’s three modules: appointment scheduling, radiological queue management, and theatre processes.

Garki Hospital also introduced the VIP clinic, which emphasises the hospital’s commitment to providing personalised treatment.

The quick-service clinic, designed to deliver a premium healthcare experience, seeks to offer unique services by prioritising patients’ requests while preserving their comfort and privacy.

Garki Hospital’s activities aim to reaffirm its commitment to healthcare innovation by setting new benchmarks for patient care and comfort.

Since its debut as Nigeria’s first healthcare institution administered through a public-private partnership (PPP) project in 2007, the FCT-owned Garki Hospital has become a preferred hospital in the FCT and beyond.

Nisa Premier Hospital now operates a multi-specialty hospital with cutting-edge facilities, a wide spectrum of knowledge, and professional personnel providing specialised and general in-patient and outpatient treatments.

The healthcare provider has now become a bright success story of public-private collaboration in the sector, which the Federal Government must duplicate countrywide to fulfil Nigerians’ growing medical requirements. 

Odu noted that the hospital has bridged the gap between excellent healthcare and the people as a result of the PPP arrangement, which has allowed the hospital to provide premium health services at a reasonable cost.

Since taking over the hospital, Onu says an estimated three million patients have been treated, redefining healthcare services, particularly at government-owned hospitals.

This, he stated, has allowed Nigerians to access specialised care within the country rather than travelling outside.

The hospital provides outstanding care to patients with sickle cell disorders, 24-hour dialysis, dialysis for hepatitis B and HIV positive patients, and open heart procedures, including over 40 valve repairs, septal defect repairs, and aneurysm surgeries.

Similarly, Garki Hospital has acquired sophisticated equipment to conduct highly specialised gynaecological and laparoscopic procedures, as well as expanded its offerings to include advanced diagnostic tools, CT scans, and advanced MRI with cutting-edge technology for monitoring diseases such as fibroids.

In October 2019, Garki Hospital became the first in Sub-Saharan Africa to undertake Sleeve Gastrostomy, a surgical weight-loss technique that involves numerous small incisions in the upper abdomen. 

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