USA — US-based medical technology giant GE Healthcare has inked a transformative joint commercialization agreement with AirStrip, a leader in clinical surveillance technology and a subsidiary of NantWorks.

This strategic collaboration aims to exclusively distribute AirStrip’s cutting-edge cardiology and patient monitoring solutions across the United States.

AirStrip brings to the table a distinctive native mobile application that empowers clinicians to visualize clinical data effortlessly on both mobile devices and the web, all with a single touch.

The application facilitates access to critical features such as cardiac rhythm strips, 12-lead ECGs, STEMI notifications, multi-patient views, and seamless communication with the care team.

The partnership is set to seamlessly integrate AirStrip’s advanced data visualization and monitoring capabilities with GE Healthcare’s state-of-the-art ECG, cardiac output, and patient monitoring products.

The resulting collaborative solution will enable clinicians to remotely view patient data in near real-time, ensuring enhanced productivity, collaboration, and communication in clinical settings.

The joint venture primarily focuses on optimizing in-patient care solutions, offering a unified approach that elevates clinical staff productivity and promotes effective collaboration.

The integration aims to address constraints on clinical resources and enhance the overall user experience for clinicians.

Patrick Soon-Shiong, CEO of AirStrip, expressed enthusiasm about deepening the collaboration with GE Healthcare, stating, “Leveraging GE Healthcare’s platform, we will be able to offer a joint solution that empowers clinical teams to receive clinical and vital signs information remotely in near real-time and effectively deal with constraints on clinical resources while enhancing clinicians’ user experiences.”

In line with GE Healthcare’s commitment to advancing healthcare through technology, the company conducted the “Reimagining Better Health” study.

The findings from the study, which involved 2,000 clinicians and thousands of participants across eight countries, revealed that 61% of clinicians believe technology supports decision-making, while 54% agree that technology enables faster health interventions.

Additionally, 55% of clinicians believe that technology plays a pivotal role in improving operational efficiency.

This strategic collaboration extends beyond technology to provide healthcare systems with access to GE Healthcare’s Outcomes Delivery Team.

This team offers invaluable program management support, assisting healthcare systems in establishing performance benchmarks and evaluating results during the purchasing process.

Catherine Estrampes, President, and CEO of GE Healthcare US and Canada emphasized the significance of this collaboration in addressing current challenges in healthcare.

She noted, “Our unified solution is less manual, enabling clinicians to manage workloads more efficiently, easing the way to improved patient care. This is critically important in the current environment of clinician shortages and burnout.”

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