USA – GE Healthcare has unveiled a wireless system that continuously monitors patients throughout their stay in hospital without confining them to the hospital bedside.

The Portrait Mobile system includes wearable sensors that communicate with a mobile monitor to help clinicians detect patient deterioration earlier than traditional spot-checks.

In an evaluation clinical study conducted at a London hospital in the UK, 90% of nurses reported that they feel more reassured about their patient’s condition when continuous monitoring is used versus vital signs spot-check measuring,” remarked Erno Muuranto, engineering director at GE Healthcare.

Portrait Mobile provides reliable measurement technology and meaningful alarms in a mobile setting,” he added.

According to GE Healthcare, the platform continuously captures respiration rate, oxygen saturation and pulse rate for general ward and post-surgery patients, and can do so as reliably as wired technology.

The company said its system allows caregivers to identify changes that could signal that cardiorespiratory complications or infectious disease may be developing, giving them the opportunity to act early, and potentially averting serious adverse events. 

Portrait Mobile also allows patients to move around the hospital more freely. “Patient mobility may help improve patient outcomes and reduce length of stay, which may lower costs and elevate patient satisfaction,” the company said.

Portrait Mobile earned the CE mark last month and it expects the system to receive 510(k) clearance from the FDA later this year.

Meanwhile, it added that the technology’s routable communications architecture allows hospitals to leverage their existing network infrastructure when deploying the system, which can cut back on installation and maintenance costs.

Portrait Mobile earned the CE mark last month and it expects the system to receive 510(k) clearance from the FDA later this year, as FirstWord reports.

Further to that, GE Healthcare has unveiled intelligent workload management software for radiologists, MassDevices reports.

Recognizing the challenging burden of escalating worklist volume for radiologists, GE Healthcare launched a new workload management system at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference.

The company announced that the new software platform for its PACS solutions is integrated with Q-IT’s (a Quantum Imaging & Therapeutic Associates subsidiary) Helix Radiology Performance Suite.

According to a news release, the intelligent workload management solution, which operates on predictive analytics, optimizes radiologists’ workflow across an entire enterprise, enabling reading at peak efficiency to improve productivity and reduce burnout.

GE Healthcare also designed the platform to allow for more accurate predicting and distributing workload, plus more fairly measuring performance against compensation.

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