GHANA – mPharma, the Ghanaian telemedicine startup that has been hitting headlines for all the right reasons has launched Mutti Doctor, a digital primary care service offered through mutti pharmacies.

Mutti Doctor has been designed to make telemedicine better by providing doctors with patient diagnostic data synchronously during a virtual consultation.

Announcing the launch, mPharma CEO and founder, Gregory Rockson, announced that all children below the age of 10 that live in a community with a mutti pharmacy will receive a free three-month Mutti Doctor subscription, as part of the launch.

This will give them unlimited access to free medical examinations and physician consultations. The company targets to, over the next 6 months, open 100 Mutti Doctor locations across their network of mutti pharmacies.

Earlier this year, mPharma rolled out a program called Community Health by Mutti for community healthcare services.

The program was aimed at incorporating community health workers (CHWs) into the pharmaceutical delivery industry as a way of advancing good health.

mPharma committed to be assigning community health nurses to mutti partner pharmacies. These nurses will provide preventive health screening to people who live around a mutti pharmacy by visiting them in their homes and workplaces.

All these initiatives build on Mutti, an initiative that has allowed holders of a mutti card to access medication at select pharmacies by paying only a fraction of the cost upfront and the balance over the course of their treatment.

mPharma has been in the frontline to ensuring the health sector in Africa is progressive and citizens are adequately covered.

Last month, the National Pharmaceutical Office (OPN) in Gabon contracted the healthtech rising giant  to impart its international expertise to enable the automation of OPN’s management and distribution systems, which currently constitute one of the main obstacles to the proper conduct of its public service mission.

Under the technical partnership, mPharma will also assist in the setting up of software and technological tools adapted to OPN’s needs, as well as for the rationalization of the supply chain.

mPharma will provide the OPN with specialized staff and set up a training program so that the teams can quickly operate independently.

The ambition is to quickly execute the transfer of skills to ensure that this operational overhaul generates a sustainable impact.

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