Ginkgo Bioworks bolters portfolio with acquisition of three companies 

Ginkgo Bioworks bolters portfolio with acquisition of three companies 

USA—In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its portfolio, Ginkgo Bioworks has recently announced the acquisition of three prominent companies: Proof Diagnostics, Reverie Labs, and Patch Biosciences. 

The first acquisition on Ginkgo’s agenda was Proof Diagnostics, a Cambridge-based CRISPR test developer co-founded by Feng Zhang of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. 

Ginkgo was particularly drawn to Proof Diagnostics for its robust intellectual property and libraries of RNA-programmable, non-Cas enzymes, known as OMEGAs (obligate mobile element-guided activity). 

These OMEGAs represent a promising advancement in genomic medicine tools, offering characteristics that simplify cell delivery and enhance gene editing capabilities. 

Ginkgo intends to leverage these enzymes to fortify its gene therapy services, providing an innovative approach to gene editing. 

Additionally, Ginkgo has acquired all assets of Patch Biosciences, a New York-based AI platform developer focused on computer-designed cargos for genetic medicines. 

By integrating Patch Biosciences’ machine-learning models and downstream assays into its existing offerings, Ginkgo aims to enhance its genetic medicine toolkit, thus amplifying its ongoing programs. 

Lastly, Ginkgo has finalized the acquisition of Reverie Labs, an AI-powered drug discovery company based in Cambridge, Mass. 

This acquisition aims to expedite Ginkgo’s efforts in developing biology-focused foundation models and small molecule design. 

Notably, four key members of Reverie’s AI team, including Chief Technology Officer Ankit Gupta, will join Ginkgo, with Gupta leading Ginkgo’s AI/ML advancement initiatives. 

The synergy between Reverie’s machine learning expertise and Ginkgo’s vast data repository holds promise for engineering advanced AI models to revolutionize biology and chemistry. 

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Overall, these strategic acquisitions underscore Ginkgo Bioworks’ commitment to innovation and technological advancement, positioning the company as a leader in the rapidly evolving landscape of biotechnology and genetic medicine. 

In conjunction with these acquisitions, Ginkgo has unveiled a new technology network encompassing offerings from more than 25 of the company’s developer partners and previous acquisitions. 

This initiative aims to provide R&D customers with more robust end-to-end solutions. Jason Kelly, CEO, and co-founder of Ginkgo Bioworks, expressed the company’s dedication to simplifying the R&D process for its customers. 

He emphasized the importance of unbiased and integrated R&D approaches coupled with experimentation at scale, empowering customers to create groundbreaking and potentially life-saving products. 

Through the Ginkgo Technology Network, customers can access a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies to drive success in their programs, further demonstrating Ginkgo’s commitment to supporting innovation in biological engineering.  

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