Global Medical City expands operations in Egypt, opens integrated medical facility

EGYPT – Global Medical City (GMC) has officially launched its new fully-integrated medical facility in Egypt to offer essential healthcare services for all patient needs.

GMC’s new facility has renowned medical staff supported by exceptional, fully-equipped healthcare facilities and medical centres that are managed according to the highest international standards.

Located in Nasr City, Cairo Governate, the new facility covers an area of 84,984 square meters, bringing new jobs to residents in the area.

The project was financed by Global Medical Solutions International (GMSI), a subsidiary of Yas Holding Group, and the Supreme Council of Al-Azhar represented by Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

Yas Holding’s ultimate goal for GMC is to advance patient-centric care, deliver safe and quality integrated medical services,” Low Ping, Group Chief Executive Officer at Yas Holding, said in a statement.

The design of the medical city facility is patient-centered and patient-focused in line with Yas Holding’s long-term mission to advance Egypt’s healthcare system.

We are adding overall value to Egypt’s healthcare system through our portfolio of services and expertise in healthcare and advanced technologies to treat and serve GMC patients,” stated Ping.

In line with the terms of the joint venture partnership, the UAE-born investment company will continue to deliver world-class hospital operations combined with advanced healthcare solutions.

The ultramodern facility houses operating theatres, specialised outpatient clinics, specialised medical centres, and isolation units catering to different medical needs and specialties.

With a nearly 600 bed capacity, it will offer 360° health and wellness services under one roof, including cardiology, oncology, physiotherapy, endoscopy, dialysis, and dentistry.

GMC’s strategy to advance Egypt’s healthcare sector, and to ensure more patients are treated in accordance with the highest quality medical services and patient care.

Meanwhile, Global Medical City recently entered into a partnership agreement with Egypt’s renowned non-governmental organization Misr El Kheir Foundation to promote healthcare accessibility to all residents.

The cooperation agreement will see the Foundation send health-related referrals to GMC while also further strengthening partnerships across the healthcare system.

GMC will offer referrals from Misr El Kheir Foundation special offerings on select medical services, and select local and imported medicines at the former’s integrated medical facility.

Moreover, the collaboration aligns with Egypt’s Vision 2030 to ensure all Egyptians have a healthy, safe and secure life through an integrated, accessible, high quality healthcare system.

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