NIGERIA – Healthlane, a global preventive healthcare provider with brainchild Healthlane app, has announced its official launch in Lekki, Lagos.

In recent years, Africa has been plagued with tough health challenges. With its healthcare system poorly developed, the life expectancy rate in the continent currently lies at 63 years for males and 66 years for females. Much lower than the global average of 71 for males and 73 for females.

To help tackle a part of this problem, Alain Nteff launched Giftedmom in 2012 and he pivoted the company in 2019 to become Healthlane. The startup now offers a wide range of services to Africans.

Worthy of note is the fact that the life expectancy in Nigeria is lower than the continental average with 59 to 63 years for males and females respectively, but that might soon be changing.

In September 2020, the company raised US$2.4 million to expand its offerings, stating that it had some interesting moves in the works.

At an event hosted at the immaculate Healthlane office in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria, Alain Nteff, alongside key Healthlane executives and notable clients shared Healthlane’s vision to use technology to improve healthcare in Nigeria and the benefits of the Healthlane experience.

Healthlane provides comprehensive wellness checks and personalised care plans that make it easy to understand, track and improve one’s health. With the Healthlane app, users can book for comprehensive world-class check-ups, view medical tests results and records, see health scores and get a comprehensive care plan around nutrition, exercise, sleep and supplements.

Speaking at the Press Conference in Lagos, the CEO of Healthlane, Mr. Alain Nteff states “Our mission is to simplify how individuals understand, track and improve their health; enabling longer and healthier lives and reducing the dependence on an overburdened primary healthcare system.”

As a Customer-centric brand, Healthlane’s experience is convenient and seamless. With professional doctors, results are fully explained to clients while a personalised care plan is immediately available on the Healthlane app. This makes sure that by the time clients leave the facility, they have a good understanding of their state of health and what they need to do to improve it.

Healthlane has developed a world-class lab at their office in Lekki and is also able to conveniently set up in corporate workplaces. Healthlane is in partnership with insurance companies and HMOs as the company is set to move the continent and the world into a new horizon for employers and employees.

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