INDIA –GOQii has launched a diabetes-specific integrated lifestyle medicine program called GOQii Diabetes Care to assist people with diabetes in managing their condition and taking ownership of their health through the use of outside assistance and expert guidance.

Given the importance of self-care, guidance, and a holistic lifestyle change in managing diabetes, GOQii has launched the Diabetes Care program.

Once enrolled in the Diabetes Care Programme, the patient receives trusted and trained support for the Diabetes Journey in order to improve diabetes outcomes.

The program costs Rs 6, 999 (US$91) and includes a GOQii Smart Vital Plus device, a connected Glucometer -Contour Plus+1 with 10 test strips, a doctor consultation, two HbA1c tests, and six months of personalized diabetes coaching.

The program is reasonably priced, given that purchasing these various components separately would cost Rs 14,999 (US$295).

According to statistics, India’s diabetes rate is increasing at a rate of 74%, far outpacing the global rate of 57%.

Diabetes affects 10.4% of the adult population in India. India has 85 million diabetics, with nearly 49% of the population going undiagnosed.

Another 50 million people are in the early stages of diabetes. The national average of HbA1c in India is alarmingly high at 8.5%.

According to GOQii’s most recent India Fit Report 2022, over the last five years, people suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes have increased from 7.9% in 2017 to 13.2% in 2021.

Additionally, the report highlights that men have 14.5%higher rates of diabetes than women. The study included over 5 million users.

Regularly monitoring blood glucose levels assists people with diabetes in adapting their diet and exercise, monitoring the effects of Diabetes medications, and understanding the impact of stress and illness on blood sugar levels.

Personalized care

Under GOQii’s new program, the patients will be guided along their journey by their coach, who will provide personalized advice on nutrition, physical activity, medication compliance by nutritionists, and regular diagnostics, all of which will help the patients reduce their HbA1C levels.

GOQii collaborates closely with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and medical device providers such as Ascensia Diabetes Care India, SRL Diagnostics, Pharmarack Technologies, and pharmacy availability facilitators.

Such partnerships afford it with synergy to provide Integrated Digital Therapeutics solutions in diabetes management and other therapy areas such as Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, and mental health among others.

All of these programs are delivered in collaboration with healthcare providers through doctors and are closely monitored for patient engagement and clinical outcomes.

Earlier on in March, GOQii scored US$10 million in an extended Series C equity funding round from Hong Kong-based game software and venture capital firm Animoca Brands to support the development of its health metaverse.

The GOQii metaverse ecosystem will be powered by a virtual token program in which users will be rewarded with virtual tokens for engaging in healthy behaviors and completing gamified fitness activities.

According to the company, these tokens can be used to buy products and services, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and participate in special events and game modes.

NFTs, in particular, can be converted into a blockchain-based cryptocurrency for use on platforms other than the GOQii ecosystem.

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