KENYA – Grace Health, a leading women’s digital health platform, has entered into a strategic partnership deal with telemedicine company Penda Health to enhance access to affordable, high-quality healthcare for women in emerging markets.

Founded in 2018 by Estelle Westling and Thérèse Mannheimer, Grace Health is a digital women’s health assistant accessible via an Android app designed specifically for women in emerging markets to provide information on sexual & reproductive health topics such as menstrual cycle, pregnancy and sexuality.

The Grace Health app is a women’s health companion that combines world-class technology with a carefully tailored user experience, trusted by over a million women in four African key markets namely Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana.

Grace Health and Penda Health have agreed on a strategic pact to offer Kenyan users 24/7 telemedicine and medical services in physical clinics at a lower cost which will see the digital platform add even more value to its users.

The Grace Health app is a women’s health assistant and companion, trusted by over a million women in four African key markets

The partnership comes at a time when medical care in emerging markets is heavily inaccessible especially for women for instance women in emerging markets have long felt judged, scared and ashamed when seeking medical consultation about family planning and their reproductive health.

Under the deal, integrating Penda Health in the Grace Health light-weight app will ensure that Kenyan women can access highly trusted medical services including advanced diagnostic, imaging, gynecology consultations among other services.

Women can track their cycles, learn about family planning and access clear advice and comprehensive information on sexual and reproductive health through the Grace Health App as well as access Penda’s low-cost telemedicine services at a further 10% discount when they need to speak to a clinician.

Grace Health will also have access to Penda’s telemedicine services and network of 19 medical centres spread across Nairobi, Kiambu and Kajiado counties in Kenya to provide users of the Grace Health App with 24/7 telemedical care at an extremely affordable cost.

Grace Health’s Sales & Partnership Manager in Nairobi Judy Kikata expressed that the exclusive telemedicine collaboration marks the beginning of a new chapter, noting that women trust the Grace Health App for confidential, accessible point-of-care reproductive health services.

Now we have found a partner whom they can equally trust and to which we can refer them when they need instant access to a doctor. These women trust Grace Health App and share their most intimate concerns,” Judy Kikata stated.

Penda Health’s Head of Medical Services Dr Sarah Kiptinness assured that all services provided to Grace Health users are compliant with clinical and medical regulations in Kenya, adding that users will receive appropriate care and treatment in line with the firm’s standard operating procedures.

Our branches all over Nairobi, Kajiado, and Kiambu counties are conveniently located for anyone in those areas. This partnership is a great step forward in ensuring access to high-quality and affordable health services for women in Kenya,” maintained Dr Sarah Kiptinness.

Moreover, the telehealth partnership is in line with Penda Health’s mission to provide the most trusted healthcare services in Africa. It currently operates 19 facilities spread Kenya with a plan to expand to the rest of the country and into Africa.

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