UAE – Gulf Medical University (GMU) in partnership with Thumbay University Hospital joined the global community in marking this year’s World Sleep Day in Ajman with calls on young people to have positive sleep habits.

In a press release, GMC said: “Sleep is the top-most priority for a well-balanced lifestyle and through proper nourishment, daily movement, and mindfulness activities, sustaining a regular good night’s rest is attainable.”

GMC’s College of Health Sciences and Thumbay University Hospital’s Department of Pulmonology and Department of Neurology jointly hosted a one-day event to raise awareness about the importance of sleep and the impact of sleep disorders.

It comes a few days after Thumbay Dental Hospital tied up with the College of Dentistry at the Gulf Medical University to inaugurate a new center located at the Thumbay University Hospital in the Thumbay Medicity.

This year’s event was held under the slogan ‘Sleep is essential for health’ to raise awareness about getting adequate and quality sleep for maintaining good health and well-being in the overall community.

The event is designed to raise awareness of the importance of sleeping well, reduce the burden of sleep disorders on society through better prevention and management of sleep problems, and ultimately promote health and wellness in the UAE and beyond.

It featured activities such as interactive sessions and workshops by students and staff of Gulf Medical University to address key topics related to sleep hygiene.

The attendees focused on why creating a healthy balance of body and mind is one of the cornerstones for one’s overall sense of well-being and achieving a restorative sleep is an imperative part of the equation.

In his address, Dr. Vivek Karan, Consultant Neurologist at Thumbay University Hospital, said: “Sleep deprivation among youngsters and adults is increasing alarmingly, which can be the leading cause of chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure or stroke.”

He observed that with the mad rush to meet deadlines and the need to work round-the-clock, not getting enough sleep or being sleep deprived has become a regular phenomenon among UAE residents.

Dr. Vivek Karan emphasized the importance of sleep for physical and mental health and touched on the prevalence and consequences of sleep disorders in the UAE and around the world.

Led by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society, the annual event provides an opportunity to bring forth important issues related to sleep as well as educate people about the significance of sleep in our daily lives.

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