USA – Zipline, an American medical product delivery company, has announced that Anne Wojcicki has joined its board of directors.

As a member of Zipline’s board, Wojcicki brings extensive experience in the healthcare industry to the company as it charts its next stage of growth following US$250 million in new funding, expansions into new countries and a partnership with Walmart.

Anne shares our belief that healthcare systems aren’t set in stone, and we shouldn’t be afraid to challenge the status quo if we think there’s a better way,” said Keller Rinaudo, co-founder and CEO of Zipline.

“She brings an invaluable perspective on how to effectively reshape outdated systems and improve patient care to our board, and her guidance will be critical as Zipline expands to unlock the potential of instant logistics for more countries, communities and individuals,” he added.

Wojcicki is a healthcare trailblazer, best known for her role as co-founder and CEO of 23andMe, a leading consumer genetics and research company.

23andMe has created a new model for how people access, understand and benefit from the human genome by offering direct access to an individual’s personal genetic information.

The company is the first and only to hold multiple FDA authorizations for genetic health risk reports, and to date has genotyped more than 11 million customers worldwide.

Prior to co-founding 23andMe in 2006, Wojcicki spent ten years as a healthcare analyst for firms like Investor AB, Ardsley Partners, Andor Capital Management and Passport Capital.

In my career at the intersection of technology and healthcare, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact that’s possible when innovation tackles healthcare’s most pressing challenges,” said Wojcicki.

Zipline has already fundamentally changed how healthcare systems operate and patients access critical medicines around the world—but there’s much more to come. Instant logistics is poised to unlock a new era of patient care that is more accessible, efficient and equitable.”

Wojcicki is also on the board of directors at the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine, and she co-founded and serves on the board of the Life Sciences Breakthrough Prize, which honors major advances toward understanding and extending human life.

Wojcicki was named one of Forbes’ Power Women in 2020 and Self-Made Women in 2021. She holds a BS in Biology from Yale University.

Zipline, a global instant logistics leader, is the trusted partner for governments, global brands and leading health care systems, which to date has made more than 175,000 commercial deliveries.

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