AFRICA – International Finance Corporation (IFC) has partnered with leading endoscope manufacturer KARL STORZ to strengthen healthcare providers services in Africa amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the partnership, Karl Storz becomes a member of IFC’s Africa Medical Equipment Facility which helps private hospitals, clinics, pathology labs and diagnostic imaging centers in the continent to acquire advanced healthcare equipment.

Launched in April 2021, AMEF aims to help developing countries fight the coronavirus pandemic and increase their healthcare systems’ resilience.

It includes an advisory services program to help small healthcare businesses strengthen their medical equipment procurement processes, financial management competencies and business planning.

The advisory program also helps participating financial institutions to strengthen their credit underwriting skills for the healthcare sector.

Under AMEF, KARL STORZ will support smaller healthcare businesses in East and West Africa to purchase or lease medical equipment including endoscopic equipment in local currency.

Through the partnership, KARL STORZ aims to support better patient care and safety through its innovative endoscopy solutions.

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive medical procedure that uses a thin long tube with a light and camera at one end to conduct diagnosis or specialized surgical procedures.

Africa’s smaller healthcare operators often struggle to secure bank loans to purchase equipment due to their business’ perceived high investment risk.

The partnership comes at the right time to support results-focused investments toward greater impact on the health as well as building capacity for healthcare delivery.

An increased number of hospitals will have access to state-of-art equipment thus a greater number of patients will benefit from advanced surgical techniques that support improved outcomes and faster healing.

The partnership will support smaller healthcare operators’ ability to buy or lease medical equipment and other vital health services to serve patients across income levels,” said Ara Sarkissian, Vice President of Commercial Operations in the Middle East & Africa at KARL STORZ.

KARL STORZ becomes the third medical manufacturer to join AMEF with the purpose to produce and distribute high-quality endoscopes, medical instruments, and other devices.

The company’s range of endoscopic instruments for human and veterinary medicine now includes more than 15,000 products.

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