UAE— The Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC), a part of the M42 group, has made regional history by announcing the launch of a specialized one-stop facility in Madinat Zayed dedicated to offering comprehensive care for diabetes and endocrine patients.

With nearly two decades of proven success, ICLDC’s innovative approach to diabetes prevention and management has significantly reduced HbA1c values among patients throughout the UAE.

Scheduled to open in the latter half of this year, the new state-of-the-art center in Al Dhafra is poised to play a vital role in serving Abu Dhabi’s population, catering to the needs of over 6,000 diabetes sufferers in the region.

This facility aims to bring comprehensive care closer to those in need while reducing travel time by more than 75%.

 Presently, the flagship ICLDC in Abu Dhabi city serves approximately 9% of the Al Dhafra population of sufferers.

The new facility in Madinat Zayed will extend accessibility to diabetes care across the Al Dhafra region, encompassing residents in Liwa, Mirfa, Gayathi, Ruwais, and Tarif.

In addition to clinical care, ICLDC remains dedicated to promoting preventive solutions for type 2 diabetes through community outreach programs, including workshops, health screenings, and educational initiatives aimed at schools and organizations.

These efforts also emphasize the importance of an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Managing Director, and Group Chief Executive Officer of M42, emphasized M42’s commitment to delivering world-class preventive and personalized health solutions that empower individuals to take control of their health.

He underscored ICLDC’s leadership in diabetes and endocrine management and prevention, noting its positive impact on lives across the UAE.

Expanding their one-stop services to Al Dhafra presents an opportunity to serve a significantly larger number of UAE residents with an innovative model that delivers premium, tech-enabled health solutions, resulting in tangible positive clinical outcomes.

On her part, Dr. Mai Al Jaber, Chief Executive Officer of ICLDC, stressed the urgent need for accessible and comprehensive diabetes care. Serving more of the Al Dhafra population is both an honor and a duty that they are fully committed to.

Their goal is to provide patients with the best patient-centric and comprehensive diabetes and endocrinology solutions under one roof and closer to home.

ICLDC has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing population health in the UAE over the past two decades. Notably, ICLDC’s efforts have led to a significant decrease in HbA1c levels among its patients, dropping from an average of 9.5% to an impressive 7.2%.

A remarkable 57% of ICLDC’s patients now have HbA1c results below 7%, surpassing the international benchmark of 38%.

These exceptional outcomes demonstrate the expertise and commitment of the team of over 65 consultants in diabetes and endocrine care across ICLDC’s facilities.

The new Al Dhafra ICLDC center will boast the latest diagnostic and management facilities, supported by a world-class multi-specialty team.

It will offer state-of-the-art outpatient services, providing specialized care for diabetes and endocrine-related complications.

Additionally, ICLDC’s Madinat Zayed facility will be the fourth dedicated facility in the UAE, complementing a satellite clinic based in Mubadala Health Dubai, which offers integrated diabetes and endocrine treatment services.

The patient journey at the new clinic will encompass comprehensive services, from registration to consultations and pharmacy support.

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