INDIA – GenWorks Health is rolling out its newest in-vitro diagnostics (IVDs) medical devices to help combat dengue fever and malaria infections in India.

The company has been consistently working to empower healthcare professionals operating in rural areas to deliver better medical facilities and diagnostics at an affordable price.

GenWorks, originally a Wipro GE-invested company, has a diverse portfolio in chemistry, haematology, urinalysis, immunoassay, and point-of-care tests.

As part of its strategic objectives to make healthcare solutions affordable, accessible, and equitable in India, GenWorks has introduced a wide array of IVD tests comprising rapid card test kits for dengue and malaria.

In an official statement, Genworks said: “The use of IVD products for dengue and malaria are aimed at preventing, diagnosing, curing, and treating seasonal epidemics and mitigating their impact.”

Following the introduction of the rapid card test kits for iScreen Malaria Card Antigen & iScreen Dengue NS1, GenWorks has expanded its product offerings into the field of in-vitro diagnostics.

Developed by GenWorks, iScreen Malaria Card Antigen is a visual lateral flow immunoassay that aids in the qualitative and differential detection of the two most commonly targeted antigens present in all Plasmodium species.

A blood specimen collected from the patient is applied to the sample pad on the test card along with buffer reagent. After 15 minutes, the presence of specific bands in the test card window indicates whether the patient is infected with Plasmodium falciparum or Plasmodium vivax of human malaria,” pointed out GenWorks.

iScreen Malaria Card Antigen is designed to support physicians in pointing out both P. falciparum specific histidine-rich protein-2 (Pf. HRP-2) and P. Vivax specific lactate dehydrogenase (pLDH) in human whole blood.

Comparably, iScreen Dengue NS1 by GenWorks offers an immunochromatographic one-step rapid card solution for qualitative early acute dengue detection with NS1 antigen and differential detection of dengue IgG & IgM antibodies in human serum,” stated GenWorks.

With 98.5% sensitivity & 95% specificity, the new rapid card test kits will help physicians make better decisions for patients with co-infection of malaria infection and dengue fever.

GenWorks outlined that these rapid test kits can be performed on a variety of instruments ranging from small, handheld tests to complex laboratory instruments to support disease prevention and treatment.

What’s more, GenWorks’ Rapid Card kits for Malaria and Dengue kits mark a significant step forward in increasing awareness of the importance of timely and accurate diagnosis of diseases amongst the Indian population.

The IVD tests for Malaria and Dengue are ways to ensure that the prevention of vector-borne diseases is conducted in all settings including the rural and resource-scarce ones with results being available within minutes,” the company informed in a statement.

Moreover, GenWorks has introduced new in-vitro diagnostics medical devices into the Indian market at the onset of the monsoon season to aid in combating seasonal epidemics of malaria and dengue and mitigating their impact.

The use of the IVD products for dengue and malaria will help in preventing, diagnosing, and treating ailments, relieving the stress on the healthcare industry, and improving the quality of life of the affected people,” the Bengaluru-based company reported.

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