INDIA – Seva At Home (SAH), India’s leading health and wellness concierge, has introduced new offerings to its occupational health and safety platform.

SAH’s new services within its occupational health and safety service seek to address the growing need for holistic health and wellness solutions at the workplace.

It aligns with Seva At Home’s mission to transform the way healthcare is approached and navigated by individuals, corporates, and not-for-profit organizations across India.

Through the new programs, SAH will provide on-site medical rooms, health check-ups for employees, and cardiac preventive care to support employees and meet their evolving needs.

Seva At Home’s Cardiac Preventive Care Program is a novel approach to cardiac care with its multidisciplinary approach designed by leading doctors across specialties.

The new cardiac care program will allow employees of subscribing companies access to a care team comprising a cardiologist, nurse, physiotherapist, nutritionist, psychologist, and health and wellness advisor.

In a press release, Seva At Home said: “The medical rooms created inside the workplace can provide immediate assistance and treatment to employees should there be a medical emergency.”

Seva At Home, through its B2B arm Seva PRO, will allow employees access to certified staff providing preventive care and tools to encourage a healthier workforce.

Health check-ups are an empowering tool as they provide vital information that can prevent the onset of diseases, or identify markers so that timely treatment can begin,” the company stated.

Seva At Home will leverage its technology-enabled platform and large on-the-ground partner network to draw attention to preventive care.

The platform will offer a wide range of tests for the employees including, cardiac profile, liver profile, cancer risk profile, physical evaluations, diabetes profile, and bone strength to name a few.

The digital healthcare company confirmed that the medical tests would be availed in two options: pre-employment checks and regular camps for current employees.

The exact health tests will depend on the company’s requirements to keep employees safe and healthy in the workplace.

All health information will be anonymized to maintain employee confidentiality,” India’s leading health and wellness concierge reassured the employees.

Following the diagnostic testing, Seva At Home’s data analysts will provide a consolidated health report is created that will be confidentially shared with the company.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Atul Kishore, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Seva At Home, said: “We have been working with numerous companies over the last few years, and are honored that they have trusted us with their employees’ healthcare requirements.”

He observed that the number of working-age adults with major chronic conditions has increased in India.

Mr. Kishore pointed out that a comprehensive occupational health and safety program can help create a healthier workforce in the country.

Seva At Home’s new products are a testament to its commitment to excellence and its ability to respond to the evolving needs of businesses in the corporate space,” the Seva at Home CRO added.

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