INDIA – Indian-based home elder care provider Vesta Elder Care has introduced its new app, Vesta Doctor’s App, to increase access to in-home care services that cater to the needs of aging seniors.

Vesta Elder Care has an all-in-one digital platform that enables seamless integration of technology into clinic management.

The Vesta Doctor’s App is specifically designed to cater to the unique healthcare needs of the elderly population and optimize patient care.

It is a cutting-edge and seamlessly integrated solution within Vesta Elder Care’s platform with automatic synchronization of features, records, and updates which ensures smooth communication and collaboration among doctors, caregivers, and family.

The launch of this new app marks a significant step forward in Vesta Elder Care’s efforts to help revolutionize geriatric care in India and beyond.

In a press release, Mr. Rahul Misra, Founder of Vesta Elder Care said: “With our relentless efforts to revolutionize elder care in India, we have already brought significant change to the way seniors get expert care at home.”

Through the Vesta Doctor’s App, both patients and doctors can set automatic reminders for appointments as well as manage scheduled appointments.

The Vesta Doctor’s App also has an integrated queue management system that offers real-time updates of the waiting room.

With the advent of Metrobot, Metropolis Healthcare Limited will harness the power of advanced technologies to ensure effective, and relevant doctor-provider communication.

Physicians can use the Vesta Doctor App to access comprehensive medical histories, medication records, health vitals, and other important medical information at the click of a button.

The Vesta Doctor’s App will serve as an-inclusive seamless platform that empowers health professionals with real-time, accurate information on patient health records.

Through this telemedicine solution, patients with distance, mobility, or financial constraints can consult with doctors in the comfort of their homes.

Other groundbreaking benefits of the Vesta Doctor App include prescription management, secure communication, simplified billing processes, and insightful analytics, and comprehensive reports for better care delivery.

This cutting-edge app will help push forward Vesta Elder Care’s commitment to transforming healthcare management to enhance the lives of its clients.

We are taking a crucial step towards empowering doctors with the launch of the Vesta Doctor App. Healthcare professionals are embracing the future with the Vesta Doctor App. This App is all about shaping a brighter future for geriatric healthcare,” underscored Mr. Rahul Misra.

Doctors will leverage the power of the comprehensive digital platform to streamline medical practice operations and simplify the caregiving journey for their clients in India and beyond.

Doctors will be able to access crucial medical information more conveniently and efficiently thus enhancing their decision-making process and providing patients with instant information and service.

The home elder care provider has begun rolling out the Vesta Doctor’s App as part of its strategic focus on personalized care for elderly patients.

The advent of the Vesta Doctor’s App allows Vesta Elder Care to bring in a holistic approach that merges technology with personalized care to elevate the quality of life for patients.

Speaking on the launch of the comprehensive digital platform, Mr. Rahul Misra said: “This is a testament to our commitment to shaping a better future for geriatric healthcare, where both seniors and healthcare professionals thrive together.”

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