ISRAEL – MobileODT, an Israeli FemTech startup focusing on AI-powered cervical screening, has released its ThermoGlide thermocoagulation solution for immediate point-of-care treatment of precancerous lesions.

It is the only company that brings the power of AI into cervical cancer screening, while supporting the World Health Organization strategic mission to eliminate cervical cancer till 2050.

Its EVA VisualCheck AI technology is a clinical decision support tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) to perform cervical cancer screening at scale.

MobileODT announced in a release that it has worked closely with India’s digital medical and healthcare solution provider GenWorks to produce Thermoglide for treating and managing invasive cervical cancer.

The Israeli company said: “Thermoglide is a lightweight, portable, FDA-approved device that screens and treats women for cervical cancer in a single sitting.”

MobileODT pointed out that its battery-operated medical device uses the thermo-coagulation technique that destroys tissue using heat, noting that the technique is an effective and safe way to treat high-grade cervical lesions.

The Tel Aviv-based startup disclosed that it opted to utilize thermo‐coagulation for treatment of malignant lesions as an alternative to cryotherapy.

MobileODT said that thermo-coagulation offers lower cost and lower duration of treatment as well as minimal adverse reactions and higher patient satisfaction than cryotherapy.

After cryotherapy, the patients have a watery discharge for at least three weeks, and they don’t want that. In addition, using cryotherapy in big lesions is challenging as the technique has limitations.

The Israeli company said that people have been getting good results with Thermoglide in cases of ectropion since its device cuts time by heating quickly, within eight seconds, and remains at 100 degrees Celsius, allowing for rapid cervical ablation.

Leon Boston, Chief Executive Officer of MobileODT, said: “ThermoGlide is a necessary tool for every gynecologist due to its versatility, practicality, and ease of use.”

He informed that the medical device can treat precancerous lesions and cervicitis in a simple, painless, quick procedure, noting that ThermoGlide can be used anywhere anytime.

We are proud and excited to launch the Thermoglide in India with our partners, GenWorks. India is an important market for us,” Boston reaffirmed its patients.

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