UNITED KINGDOM – IXICO plc, the AI data analytics company that delivers neuroscience insights, has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to develop its AI data analytics platform for the global pharmaceutical industry.

IXICO is the proven partner of choice for imaging biomarker solutions in Central Nervous System (CNS) clinical trials, bringing together world-class therapeutic expertise, breakthrough analytics, and operational excellence.

As a leading neuroimaging provider, IXICO assists biopharmaceutical companies in maximizing the value of their drug development pipelines by converting data into clinically meaningful insights.

The combination of IXICO’s portfolio of AI data analytics and scientific expertise in neurological diseases with Microsoft’s cloud-based AI infrastructure will be a significant enabler for IXICO’s delivery of clinical trial analytics solutions to the pharmaceutical industry on a large scale.

Their analytics and insights enable R&D decision making to be accelerated, clinical research to be de-risked, and the value of sponsors’ drug development pipelines to be maximized.

As part of the agreement, the two companies will collaborate to bring IXICO’s AI solutions into global clinical trials for neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease by enhancing IXICO’s large-scale data processing capabilities.

The AI-driven brain imaging specialist announced that it has been awarded a new contract worth more than US$500,000 over a 12-month period by an existing unnamed US biopharmaceutical client.

The company will contribute to a phase II Huntington’s disease (HD) trial by analyzing MRI scans from ten different locations around the world. Since 2007, IXICO has worked on 16 HD clinical studies.

IXICO’s AI capabilities will lay the groundwork for a broader range of differentiated and proprietary AI-powered services, assisting IXICO’s customers in their efforts to address significant unmet medical needs.

Commenting on the partnership, Guilio Cerroni, CEO at IXICO, stated: “The partnership with Microsoft ensures we remain at the forefront of data analytics required by our global pharmaceutical clients, to provide new and valuable insights to reduce both the high cost of drug development, and the time to market for urgently needed drugs across a wide range of neurological diseases.

Laura Robinson, Director Health and Life Sciences at Microsoft UK, said: “Microsoft is working with companies in the life science sector to develop capabilities and maximize the positive impact of data and AI. IXICO and Microsoft are both focused on using technology to deliver better outcomes in this critical area.

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