KENYA—The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) has launched the Kisumu Regional Distribution Centre in an effort to improve healthcare accessibility and efficiency in Kenya’s Western region.

The newly opened facility, which is strategically placed to serve clinics throughout the Nyanza, Western, and North Rift areas, is expected to expedite the acquisition and distribution of critical medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

The ceremony, presided over by Cabinet Secretary for Health Nakhumicha S. Wafula, represented a watershed moment in the region’s healthcare infrastructure development.

With dignitaries such as local governors and health officials in attendance, the event emphasized the government’s commitment to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and improving grassroots healthcare delivery.

In her speech, CS Nakhumicha stressed the distribution centre’s critical role in lowering procurement turnaround times and assuring the supply of high-quality medical supplies.

The initiative is consistent with the government’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) and national development goals, with a particular emphasis on expanding access to affordable healthcare for all Kenyans, commonly known as ‘Dawa Mashinani’.

She also stated that the Ministry has initiated a series of changes to improve professionalism, efficiency, and responsiveness at KEMSA by incorporating revolutionary procurement procedures that prioritize value for money and accountability.

Dr. Andrew Mulwa, Acting KEMSA CEO, on his part, stated that the centre has the potential to serve 11 counties, with ambitions to expand to 19 counties.

He went on to underline the significance of operational infrastructure investment and capacity growth in order for KEMSA to be more responsive to growing healthcare requirements.

 The inauguration ceremony also featured lobbying for transparency and integrity within KEMSA, with stakeholders pushing personnel to accept change and maintain professionalism in procurement processes.

Dr. Robert Pukose, Chairperson of the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Health, pointed out the necessity of providing demand-driven healthcare solutions to improve the customer experience and assure the availability of high-quality, affordable healthcare services.

 The Kisumu Regional Distribution Centre is a watershed moment in Kenya’s healthcare industry, offering increased access to critical medical supplies and contributing to the fulfilment of Universal Health Coverage for all inhabitants.

With an initial focus on servicing 11 counties and aspirations to expand to 19, the facility is a key step toward meeting Universal Health Coverage goals.

Furthermore, stakeholders stressed the importance of KEMSA’s transparency and professionalism in improving service delivery and promoting affordable healthcare for all citizens.

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