KENYA – Kenyan healthtech startup AfyaRekod has rolled out its automated Universal Patient Portal integrating blockchain technology into the United Kingdom to transform healthcare delivery through improved access to personal health data.

According to Afya Rekod, the subscription-driven Universal Patient Portal is a consolidated and mobile data health passport that allows patients consistent access to their health-records as well as access to a marketplace of various health services within the ecosystem in real-time.

The online platform offers a range of tools including decentralized, multilingual and intelligent telehealth solution, health resources, symptom trackers, reminders and notifications that are useful for patients with chronic illness, pregnant women and patients with hereditary diseases.

Medical records are a vital tool in managing health, notifying healthcare professionals of medications, chronic illness, past problems and procedures and ultimately allowing them to determine the most accurate course of treatment.

The revolutionary AfyaRekod platform will ensure that patients in the United Kingdom and the medical professionals treating them have real-time access to all their health data and medical history to facilitate effective ongoing medical management and timely information in an emergency.

AfyaRekod Universal Patient Portal, is a ready solution provider, offering a mobile Universal record access for patients and healthcare providers, with further benefits of strengthening research to achieve sustainable health care system and treatment,” said Michael Ekpechue AfyaRekod UK Head.

Furthermore, the patient-driven platform will allow patients to securely manage their health records, including prescriptions and hospital visit summaries over multiple devices in any region while offering a mobile Universal record access for patients and healthcare providers.

The AfyaRekod platform also serves multiple functionalities for providers such as hospital management, patient management, knowledge management and inventory management while allowing organizations to make strategic decisions, predications and early identification using data analytics.

Founded in 2019, AfyaRekod is a block-chain driven fully automated Universal Patient Portal that is transforming the face of patient care across Africa and the world through a secure central platform (

The AfyaRekod Universal Patient Portal has arrived in the United Kingdom and through partnerships with doctors, various medical organisations and Non-governmental organizations in the United Kingdom, is ready to change the face of patient care across the country,” Afya Rekod said in a press statement.

AfyaRekod Chief Executive Officer John Kamara explained that AfyaRekod Universal Patient Portal is a ready solution provider, adding that the AfyaRekod platform extends to include doctors, offering a digital clinic with a B2B platform, tele-pharmacy tool and e-prescription platform. 

For Non-governmental organizations and other related organizations, the patient-centered platform has an Artificial Intelligence driven reporting tool that allows organisations to register and manage their target groups on the platform.

The Kenyan healthtech startup Afya Rekod also recently linked up with United Kingdom-based Medi-science International Limited with the common goal of developing technology that provides working solutions to people across the globe.

CEO Afya Rekod John Kamara said the startup wants families to have access to their medical records virtually and access them any time, noting that the partnership with Medi-science International Limited will allow for a seamless flow of data between the patient and doctors.

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