KENYA—Mr. Harry Kachuwai Kimtai, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Medical Services in Kenya’s Ministry of Health, has spearheaded a special event to kick off the distribution of 150,000 blood bags around the country.

The country-wide distribution of blood bags and other necessary goods was launched at Kenya Tissue and Transplant Authority (KETTA) headquarters, marking a crucial step in ensuring that everyone in the country has access to the healthcare they require.

This event also marked a significant step toward a healthier Kenya by establishing a strong and accessible blood supply, which serves as a lifeline for countless Kenyans dealing with medical emergencies, surgeries, and a variety of other health issues.

By ensuring the availability of blood and related resources, the Coalition of Blood for Africa believes that this will not only preserve lives but also reinforce the foundation of a healthier and more resilient society.

During the event, the PS officially unveiled Kenya’s Blood Ambassadors led by Charlene Ruto, the Patron of Kenyan by Blood Foundation, Caroline Wang’amati, team Lead of  Coalition of Blood for Africa (CoBA),  Aisha Daffalla,  Kenya’s Top Female Blood Donor,  and Kennedy Sanya Kenya’s Top Male Blood Donor.

The ambassadors will play an important role in raising awareness, encouraging voluntary blood donation, and cultivating a culture of compassion and solidarity in our communities.

PS Kimtai also declared a major objective of collecting 500,000 pints of blood in Kenya each year, bringing the country closer to the WHO target of 10 pints of blood per 1000 people.

 The PS further stated that this national exercise, as well as the introduction of these Blood Ambassadors, will serve as a reminder to everyone that each blood bag represents a potential lifeline and a chance to save a life.

He went on to say that as participants, there is need to embrace the spirit of giving, empathy, and unity that distinguishes us as a nation.

He closed by encouraging all Kenyans to actively participate in blood donation drives, promoting the message of hope and solidarity, and stating that any contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant impact in someone’s life.

While hailing Kenya’s extraordinary achievement in blood bag distribution, CoBA also noted that many African countries face disruptions in blood collection due to the unpredictable availability of consumables such as blood bags.

Moving forward, CoBA hopes to establish permanent funding that will allow countries to purchase and stock the commodities required to ensure that blood is always available when needed. 

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