KENYA—The Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya has taken a significant step forward by inaugurating nine Technical Expert and Advisory Committees.

This move underscores their commitment to ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of medicines in Kenya, as well as the competence of pharmacy professionals.

These committees play a vital role in advancing regulatory excellence and safeguarding public health by ensuring access to safe and effective medicines for all Kenyans.

During the inauguration event, attended by PPB Chairman Dr. Charles Githinji, Board Members, and CEO Dr. F. Siyoi, Dr. Githinji emphasized the importance of upholding professional standards and maintaining confidentiality.

He stressed the sensitivity of the information discussed within these committees and urged members to refrain from disclosing it to unauthorized parties.

Additionally, Dr. Githinji highlighted the significance of identifying and addressing any conflicts of interest that may arise among committee members.

Dr. Githinji also underscored the importance of adhering to good regulatory practices and meeting service timelines outlined in the PPB’s service charter.

He encouraged committee members to follow the Manual for Technical & Expert Advisory Committees, which delineates the Code of Conduct, principles, and values governing their actions.

By doing so, Dr. Githinji noted, the committees will uphold the trust and confidence of the public in PPB regulatory processes.

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