KENYA—The Kenya government has declared that it has plans to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the soon-to-be rolled-out Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) to avoid any instances of corruption involving employees.

The inclusion of AI in the new health fund is consistent with President William Ruto’s administration’s effort to eliminate corruption from the nation’s healthcare infrastructure, which has long plagued it.

The new healthcare fund, SHIF, will replace the current National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), which promises to provide universal healthcare coverage to all Kenyans at affordable prices, regardless of social status level.

Dr. Elizabeth Wangia, Head of Health Financing at the State Department for Medical Services, made this revelation on Capital News’s Global Digest program, which airs every Monday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

This show was hosted by Davis Ayega, a Capital News writer, Laban Wanambisi, a seasoned journalist, and Irene Mwangi, a journalist.

In her talk, she emphasized the use of AI, which is poised to alter the country’s healthcare system by allowing them to quickly detect any abnormalities inside the system.

In addition to the Digital Health Act, the Primary Healthcare Act, and the Facility Improvement Financing Act, the SHIF is an important component of an integrated healthcare system.

The now-defunct NHIF, which has been in operation for more than six decades, has been plagued by an array of corruption scandals, the most recent of which involved fraudulent claims, embezzlement, premium income fraud, and cooperation with medical facilities.

The Ministry of Health stated in January that Ksh.20 billion had been lost through the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) scheme due to fraudulent activities like as falsified claims and false surgeries, with 27 hospitals suspended.

The fund’s regulation, which mandates a contribution ceiling of 2.75% of gross wage or income, continues to provoke varied opinions.

However, Dr. Wangia was quick to reassure the public that once the public engagement phase of the regulation is completed, a clear path to implementation will be provided which may include the need to adjust the health packages in the event of a percentage drop.

Dr. Wangia encouraged Kenyans to be optimistic about SHIF and campaigned for mass enrollment once it is established, stressing that the new fund, SHIF, will improve the quality and accessibility of health services.

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