KENYA – The leading online pharmacy in Kenya MYDAWA has partnered with multinational pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk to boost access to affordable insulin for diabetes treatment.

Founded in 1923, Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company that manufactures diabetes care medications and devices for the treatment of diabetes and other serious chronic diseases such as obesity and rare blood and endocrine disorders.

The pharmaceutical company is also involved in hemostasis management, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy to enhance the quality of healthcare.

Novo Nordisk partnership with MYDAWA is under the company’s iCARETM initiative which aims to combat diabetes in Africa through accelerating access to safe medication for diabetic patients.

The drug company launched the iCARETM initiative in Kenya in 2021 with a vision to boost access to diabetes treatment in Africa in a sustainable manner by leveraging four key areas namely Capacity, Affordability, Reach and Empowerment.

The partnership with MYDAWA is the first initiative focused on the “Reach” key area of iCARETM targeting to expand access to insulin by making insulin more broadly available geographically and at lower prices to people living with diabetes.

The collaboration seeks to address challenges in the cold-chain distribution of insulin especially for diabetic patients in Kenya based in hard to reach areas through increasing access to affordable quality care and treatment for diabetes.

The partnership will also support Kenyans going through financial hardships who struggle to purchase regular insulin by engaging insurance companies and other payers with the goal of enabling better and cheaper coverage for people living with diabetes.

The deal will be supported under the MYDAWA’s pay via insurance option which currently hosts 17 insurance partners with more being added regularly.

Novo Nordisk will leverage the MYDAWA licensed innovative platform which has an already expanded reach of affordable quality health care and wellness products through its website and application to provide online access to insulin for people living with diabetes.

Subsequently, people with diabetes will be able to fulfill their insulin prescriptions online through MYDAWA digital platforms at significantly lower prices due to the unique nature of the online distribution channel.

For instance, MYDAWA already provides a service that offers fast delivery within Nairobi County and delivery anywhere within Kenya within 24 hours which ensures that the cost of the product is guaranteed to stay low.

Managing Director MYDAWA Mr. Tony Wood reaffirmed that the e-pharmacy was committed to ensuring better health outcomes by increasing access to affordable quality medication thus Novo Nordisk and the iCare Program will further support its mission.

As MYDAWA expands, opening fulfillment centers across the country, the costs and timelines associated with delivery will continue to fall ensuring better health outcomes for more and more Kenyans,” he added.

The partnership will also eliminate additional costs and time wastage for diabetic patients since a patient logs in to the online platform with a click of a button to access a quality guaranteed channel in compliance to all regulatory requirements of pharma to meet their medical needs.

Moreover, MYDAWA recently introduced deliveries by Drone to give Kenyans convenient access to a wide range of quality and affordable medications as well as health and wellness products.  

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