KENYA — The Kilifi County government has achieved a remarkable milestone in the healthcare sector, unveiling a trio of crucial additions at the Kilifi Referral Hospital.

These new assets—a state-of-the-art renal dialysis unit, a robust emergency medical service division, and an expansive medical warehouse—are poised to revolutionize health services in the region, marking a significant leap towards improved patient care and accessibility.

The launch of the advanced renal dialysis unit stands as a beacon of hope for numerous patients who were previously compelled to undertake arduous journeys to Mombasa or Malindi for treatment.

Equipped with the latest dialysis technology, this unit promises enhanced care, convenience, and reduced travel burdens for those grappling with kidney ailments.

Kilifi County Governor Gideon Mung’aro conveyed during the equipment’s unveiling that although the renal unit currently boasts three beds, an additional thirteen beds will soon be integrated to better cater to the growing patient demand.

The Kilifi Referral Hospital has also inaugurated an emergency medical unit, fortified with modern equipment, a fleet of four cutting-edge ambulances, and a dedicated team of over thirty extensively trained paramedics.

Operating around the clock, this division is primed to deliver urgent medical assistance promptly. Governor Mung’aro reiterated that these emergency services will be accessible free of charge to all public hospitals within the county, aligning with his commitment to prioritizing the well-being of the community.

Safeguarding supply

Amidst challenges concerning medicine shortages in public hospitals, the county government unveiled a substantial medical warehouse.

This strategic move ensures a consistent supply of medical products to all 150 public health facilities. The warehouse’s design accommodates a diverse array of medical essentials, ranging from pharmaceuticals and lab reagents to radiology products and general supplies.

Kilifi County Executive Committee member for Health and Sanitation, Peter Mwarogo, revealed in an interview that plans are underway to procure more ambulances and bolster the paramedic workforce, aiming to establish an even more efficient healthcare system across the region.

The inauguration of the emergency medical services unit holds the promise of swift and efficient response to critical situations, translating to more lives saved.

Drawing from a recent accident in Vipingo, Health and Sanitation CECM Peter Mwarogo underscored the unit’s effectiveness in attending to emergencies promptly, thanks to the collaboration of entities like the Red Cross, Mombasa Cement, and Kenya Emergency Support.

Ensuring adequate medical supplies

Kilifi County Health Department’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. James Mulewa, assured residents that the newly established warehouse guarantees consistent availability of medicines across Kilifi’s hospitals.

Mulewa emphasized, “With the county warehouse stocked adequately, our hospitals will never experience shortages in essential medications.”

The response from the local community has been overwhelmingly positive. Mohamed Said, a resident from Sokoni ward, expressed gratitude for the accessible renal dialysis unit, highlighting how it would alleviate the burdens of seeking kidney treatment far away.

“Having a renal dialysis unit within reach means we no longer have to endure the ordeal of transporting patients to Mombasa. This is truly a lifeline for Kilifi residents,” Said remarked.

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