AFRICA – Moffitt Cancer Center together with the University of Ghana have partnered to strengthen and expand the capacity to conduct cancer research in Ghana.

Approximately 125-150 fellows and junior faculty will be trained, and a sustainable cancer research training program embedded at the school from over US$1.3 million that will be invested over the next five years.

The program will strengthen Ghana’s existing national and multidisciplinary cancer-specific research teams by focusing on two hormone-related cancers (breast and prostate) and two HPV-related cancers (cervical and head and neck), all of which were identified as priorities in the Ghana National Cancer Control Plan.

Northwestern University West Africa-U.S. invests to build sustainable research

The Northwestern University West Africa-U.S. Cancer Prevention and Control Initiative is pursuing the discovery and implementation of new and existing evidence-based screening, diagnostic, and treatment tools for the prevention and control of Infection-Associated Cancer (IAC) in West Africa.

These programs will range from training programs for early career West African scientists in order to build capacity and conduct cancer research, to implementation science projects to assess needs and barriers to implement both new and existing evidence-based cancer screening and early detection tools, for a total of US$14.2 million in funding.

In combination, these initiatives and projects are building sustainable research and training capacity in multiple disciplines relevant to infection-associated cancer research thereby empowering Malian, Nigerian, and other West African science leaders.

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center launches cancer genomics study

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and Fox Chase Cancer Center are set launch a cancer genomics study to characterize novel genetic, molecular, and social determinants of cancer across populations of African ancestry.

In collaboration with Pfizer’s Institute of Translational Equitable Medicine, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and Fox Chase Cancer Center will build a clinical genomic registry of biological specimens accompanied by epidemiological, behavioural, and clinical data from African ancestry patients diagnosed with breast and prostate cancer.

The goal is to better understand the drivers of health inequities to improve cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment efforts across the continent using data collected at enrollment sites that include Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Namibia, in Africa.

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