INDIA – LifeSigns iMS, a healthtech startup based in Chennai, has introduced its new real-time remote patient health monitoring system for healthcare providers.

LifeSigns offers comprehensive monitoring solutions in the comfort of patients’ homes and ambulances through intelligent monitoring systems (iMS).

Its latest data-driven continuum care solution will help hospitals and ambulances to track and monitor patients outside clinical settings using wireless technology, regardless of their location.

LifeSigns continuum of care solution utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as wearable biosensors and cloud-based analytics, to provide real-time monitoring of patient vitals,” the company said in a release.

This news comes shortly after LifeSigns closed a pre-series A funding round to accelerate the iMS platform and expands its foothold in India.

Through the launch of the Biosensor solution, LifeSigns seeks to provide patients with seamless care and ensure they receive critical care needed around the clock for early medical interventions.

This tech-supported solution, which can be used in ambulances, hospitals, and at home, has already been granted 21 U.S. patents and global accreditation.

LifeSigns iMS, a brand by LS Devices Private Limited, deploys its wireless patient monitoring technologies to aid doctors and hospitals in keeping real-time accurate data on the patient’s vital statistics.

So far, LifeSigns has deployed over 32,000 biosensors in more than 56 hospitals across India. This strategic move has saved the lives of 2,400 people while preventing over 6,000 clinical decline cases.

These notable hospital chains include Apollo Hospitals, Kauvery Hospitals, Medanta, and Aster Group, just to name a few.

The continuum care solution is fully configurable, allowing healthcare providers to tailor it to their particular requirements,” claimed LifeSigns.

This breakthrough follows the emerging trend of innovative technological solutions, and patient-centric care models in the healthcare industry worldwide.

Similarly, Honeywell International Inc. has launched a real-time health monitoring system, leveraging advanced sensing tech allowing healthcare providers to monitor vital signs via a skin patch.

Google and Fitbit have jointly deployed the Device Connect for Fitbit solution, which aims to give healthcare organizations a more holistic view of patients outside clinical settings using data from wearable devices., the pioneering AI-driven Smart Care Facility Platform in healthcare, also has a continuous collaboration with Google Cloud, making’s range of ground-breaking care solutions available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

This news comes as the automotive active health monitoring system market is set to grow at a CAGR of 36.5% leading to a revenue of US$73.2 billion by 2031, according to data by Transparency Market Research Inc.

In his address, Hari Subramaniam, Founder and Director of LS Devices Pvt. Ltd.: “LifeSigns, through its wireless patient monitoring systems, has always made a positive impact on people’s lives by making healthcare more accessible and accurate and assisting healthcare professionals in saving lives.”

He underscored that the introduction of the LS-backed wireless patient monitoring technology will empower doctors and hospitals to detect early signs of disease promptly.

We have now to extend our operations and serve more patients and save more lives, as every patient matters”, Hari Subramaniam assured the doctors, patients, and consumers.

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