INDIA – Global pharma major Lupin, through its subsidiary Lupin Diagnostics, has launched its first-ever Regional Reference Laboratory in South India located in Hyderabad, Telangana.

The recent development follows the launch of its Regional Reference Laboratory in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, as part of its expansion in Central India.

Lupin has expanded its diagnostics business in India by opening its new National Reference Laboratory in Hyderabad to aid patients in making clinically-informed decisions about their health.

The diagnostic chain plans to expand its footprint in South India by opening a total of more than 200 collection centers across the region by March 2024.

In a press release, Lupin said: “This expansion of Lupin Diagnostics’ network is part of the company’s strategy to build and strengthen its presence in South India.”

The Hyderabad-based reference lab joins Lupin Diagnostics’ existing network of over 380 LupiMitra (Lupin’s franchise collection centers), 23 laboratories, and over 1200 pick-up points across India.

Founded in October 2021, Lupin Diagnostics provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic services to doctors, patients, and consumers.

The company offers routine diagnostic tests along with specialty tests such as a range of tests in molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, flow cytometry, microbiology, serology, histopathology, immunology, and hematology, among others.

Lupin Diagnostics is committed to improving access to high-quality, reliable, and advanced testing centres and home collection facilities at an affordable price.

The expansion in Hyderabad will build on its mission of providing accessible and affordable quality healthcare to individuals and families in India.

Through leveraging its existing network in India, Lupin Diagnostics will deliver high-quality and reliable diagnostic services to patients and consumers across Hyderabad and neighbouring cities.

The chain of diagnostic centers offers has a team of qualified clinical experts at its facilities utilizing state-of-the-art automation and streamlined processes to deliver highly accurate test results.

Accurate diagnosis is the first step towards managing diseases and identifying the appropriate line of treatment,” said Ravindra Kumar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lupin Diagnostics, in a statement.

Kumar emphasized that diagnostics test results are crucial for doctors and patients to make informed decisions, noting that Lupin Diagnostics is committed to making preventive quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all.

Our personalized and interactive smart reports can help doctors and patients analyse historical patterns in health parameters and guide treatment options based on evidence,” added Kumar.

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