KENYA — In a monumental stride towards bolstering healthcare accessibility for vulnerable communities, the M-PESA Foundation is investing KES 16 million (US$ 108,144) to construct a state-of-the-art mother and child complex at Ratta Health Centre in Kisumu County.

This significant endeavor is poised to positively impact the lives of approximately 10,000 individuals, ushering in a new era of healthcare excellence.

The groundbreaking initiative encompasses the construction and equipping of a Maternal, Child, and Neonatal complex, alongside the refurbishment of the existing labor room, delivery room, and post-natal room.

The primary objective is to provide a conducive environment for mothers during childbirth, ultimately enhancing the health center’s capacity to deliver superior services to women.

The complex will offer a comprehensive range of critical services, encompassing outpatient care, maternity care, comprehensive clinic services, and essential laboratory diagnostics.

H.E. Prof. Anyang Nyong’o, Governor of Kisumu County, expressed gratitude for the M-PESA Foundation’s presence and support, stating, “We are privileged to have M-PESA Foundation in our County as we embark on this journey to boost healthcare services.

“We are confident that this infrastructure development will improve health outcomes for mothers and children, benefiting the residents in this area.”

The construction endeavor extends beyond the complex itself. Additional infrastructure enhancements include a nurse station, a modern waiting bay complete with a children’s play area, and two consultant rooms.

The complex also includes a dedicated Child Welfare Clinic (CWC) room, a well-equipped pharmacy with storage facilities, and a specialized family planning room, among other vital additions.

Furthermore, the investment will facilitate the acquisition of medical equipment, ensuring that each room meets the highest standards of healthcare provision. In an eco-conscious move, the initiative also involves planting 100 tree seedlings to contribute to environmental conservation.

Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom PLC, emphasized the M-PESA Foundation’s relentless commitment to curbing maternal and infant mortality rates.

He stated, “In our efforts to curb maternal and infant mortality, M-PESA Foundation continues to partner with several counties to enhance service delivery. That is why we have intervened here in Kisumu.”

This groundbreaking project follows the recent success of a free medical camp in Kisumu County, organized by the M-Pesa Foundation in collaboration with Zuri Health and Lions Eye Hospital.

Over 2,000 individuals had access to vital healthcare services during this initiative. As part of its holistic approach to healthcare, the M-PESA Foundation has also introduced a service offering free follow-up consultations via SMS and WhatsApp for up to six months for patients from the medical camp.

This innovative service extends medical advice and support to patients, further exemplifying the Foundation’s commitment to holistic healthcare.

In a parallel endeavor, over 15,000 residents of Mbooni East in Makueni County are set to experience significant improvements in maternal and child health services.

This transformation is made possible through the collaborative efforts of the M-PESA Foundation and the county government, which jointly inaugurated a newly constructed Maternal and Child Health Unit at Tawa sub-County Hospital earlier this year.

The M-PESA Foundation invested KES 27 million (US$ 182,494) in the project, while the Makueni County government contributed KES 4.8 million (US$ 32,443) to equip the facility.

This healthcare facility is poised to reduce referrals and provide essential services to the residents of Mbooni sub-County, significantly impacting maternal and child health outcomes.

Nicholas Nganga, Chairman of the M-PESA Foundation, articulated the Foundation’s mission, saying, “In our efforts to curb maternal and infant mortality, the M-PESA Foundation has partnered with several counties to enhance service delivery.

“That is why we have intervened here in Makueni County to bring services closer to the people and transform as many lives as possible.”

The M-PESA Foundation’s commitment to maternal health extends beyond Kisumu and Makueni Counties.

Ongoing maternal health projects are underway at Ndhiwa sub-County Hospital in Homa Bay, Makwa Dispensary in Kiambu, Talek Community Hospital in Narok, and Brase Clinic in Migori County.

These initiatives collectively seek to create a brighter, healthier future for women and children across Kenya.

Furthermore, the Foundation has embarked on a telemedicine program known as Daktari Smart in Homa Bay County, offering specialist care in remote areas.

Additionally, in partnership with Kenya Relief, the Foundation is constructing a 65-bed maternal unit in Migori County, further expanding its reach and impact.

Kenya’s maternal health statistics paint a stark reality. The country records 362 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births, far exceeding the global target set by Sustainable Development Goal (3), which aims for less than 70 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births.

Furthermore, a Situation Assessment Report conducted by the UNFPA in 2014 highlighted that 15 out of 47 Kenyan counties accounted for 98.7% of all maternal deaths in the country.

In Homa Bay County alone, a staggering 583 out of 100,000 mothers faced maternal mortality annually while giving birth.

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