UAE -M42, a pioneering global health enterprise driven by technology, has introduced an esteemed advisory board to significantly reshape and advance the global health landscape through tailored, preventative, and precise technology solutions.

The recently revealed advisory board brings together top-tier experts from diverse realms, including personal remote care, pharmaceuticals, technology, and longevity. 

These experts are poised to steer M42’s mission of revolutionizing the sustainable future of health by collaborating with leading international industry figures. 

Their role will be pivotal in offering guidance, counsel, and fostering connections to propel industry expansion.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of M42, emphasized the importance of collaboration in transforming conventional healthcare practices. 

He stated, As we embark on this journey to significantly disrupt the traditional healthcare industry and empower individuals to take control of their health, collaboration is paramount. I am honored to spearhead the M42 Advisory Board alongside esteemed members who epitomize unparalleled expertise in health and technology.”

Al Nowais added, “The establishment of the new M42 Advisory Board underscores our commitment to co-creating the future of health by prioritizing individuals over patients, promoting health over healthcare, and emphasizing prevention over treatment. Our objective is to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and instill excellence in the health-tech industry for the betterment of global communities.”

The advisory board is not only tasked with providing strategic direction for the future of health but also offering invaluable insights into emerging trends and technologies. 

It seeks to merge environmental responsibility with health excellence while illuminating the industry’s path. 

Embracing a long-term vision, the M42 advisory board is dedicated to enhancing patient experiences globally and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to tackle and prevent health issues proactively.

Moreover, strategic partnerships are on the agenda, to harness complementary strengths and resources to stimulate innovation, extend market reach, and foster shared value among stakeholders.

The Advisory Board comprises esteemed members, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise from diverse fields: Dr. David Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer at Microsoft; Professor Sir Chris Evans, Chief Executive Officer of Ellipses Pharma; David Sinclair, AO, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School; and Dr. James Mault, Chief Executive Officer of BioIntelliSense. 

Last week, M42 collaborated with the Longevity Forum to convene renowned global health experts and speakers, catalyzing discussions on technology-enabled health advancements on the M42 Main Stage during the inaugural Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week 2024 (ADGHW).

The strategic partnership between M42 and the Longevity Forum aimed to shine a spotlight on critical issues shaping the future of global health and leveraging technology to drive transformative breakthroughs. This initiative deepens M42’s commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in the health-tech sector.

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