UAE – A new ultramodern catheterization laboratory (cath lab) of HealthPoint Hospital, an M42 company headquartered in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has finally opened its doors to patients and their families.

This development comes as HealthPoint Hospital’s parent company is set to have a presence at the 28th session of the Conference of Parties (COP28) as the summit’s Principal Health Partner.

HealthPoint Hospital, a multi-specialty hospital based in Abu Dhabi, provides a wide array of primary and specialty care services and specialties for patients and their families.  

In a news release published by HealthPoint Hospital, Dr. Khalil Afsh, Head of Vascular Medicine and Surgery Services and Medical Director of Healthpoint, said: “Patients will benefit from our state-of-the-art catheterization laboratory suite that can help treat multiple vascular conditions.”

HealthPoint Hospital has been recognized by numerous renowned accrediting bodies such as the CARF International, the Joint Commission International, and the American Surgical Review Corporation (SRC).

The Abu Dhabi-based hospital houses four Centers of Excellence, including Bariatric Surgery & Weight Loss, Dentistry, Musculoskeletal Medicine, and Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation COEs.

The opening of the new cath lab at HealthPoint Hospital in Zayed Sports City will mark another milestone in efforts to cater to patients needing diagnosis and treatment for cardiovascular diseases and wider heart conditions.

Additionally, the new lab will empower healthcare professionals to accurately assess the health needs of patients with complex conditions.

The ultramodern facility has opened doors to patients battling complex conditions such as diabetic patients who are prone to developing blockage in their arteries, patients needing vascular access for dialysis, and women suffering from unexplained chronic pelvic pain.

The cath lab at HealthPoint Hospital will offer a wide range of minimally invasive vascular procedures to patients within the United Arab Emirates and across the Middle East countries.

One of the key benefits of catheterization laboratory is that recovery time is fast and the clinical outcome is the same or superior to the traditional open vascular surgery.

The application of the latest surgical techniques at HealthPoint Hospital’s new laboratory is expected to save both the patient’s and the healthcare provider’s time.

It will also allow patients to complete their treatment within a day while new same-day procedures will enable patients to be discharged earlier and recover in the comfort of their homes.

Commenting on this achievement for M42 and HealthPoint Hospital, Dr. Khalil Afsh stated: “Our world-class level of care and the holistic approach we take with patients, combined with this cutting-edge technology, has the potential to impact quality-of-life significantly and positively.”

Notably, the cath lab will be working in conjunction with Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC), part of M42’s network of world-class healthcare providers, to treat patients who need arterial services.

The cath lab will be led by a multidisciplinary team of Western board-certified experts, including consultants and radiology technicians, who come from a broad range of fields in vascular medicine.

For his part, Dr. Patrik Tosenovsky, Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon at HealthPoint Hospital, said: “The state-of-the-art vascular cath lab at HealthPoint Hospital not only functions to treat most arterial conditions but also serves as a diagnostic tool that can be considered the gold standard in deep vein diagnostics.”

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