KENYA – Makueni County has unveiled a groundbreaking digital health management information system, “Afya Makueni,” which replaces the outdated manual and inefficient processes that previously plagued the county’s healthcare sector.

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr, who officially launched the system on July 1, 2024, hailed it as a significant milestone in improving healthcare services within the county. 

He emphasized that this initiative aligns with his administration’s agenda of automation and digitization, as outlined in the County’s CIDP 2023-27.

“Afya Makueni” is a centralized system that will interconnect all healthcare facilities in the county, ensuring a seamless flow of information to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and boost overall efficiency. 

Once fully implemented, the system will eliminate the need for patients to register multiple times across different facilities, as a patient registered in one facility will not need to register again at the Makueni County Referral Hospital (MCRH) or any other facility.

The new system will provide a comprehensive view of patient histories, including previous treatments, medications, and allergies, aiding in better diagnosis and treatment plans. 

Additionally, it will facilitate inter-facility borrowing of healthcare commodities, further enhancing resource utilization and service delivery across the county.

Governor Kilonzo described ‘Afya Makueni’ as a groundbreaking effort aimed at revolutionizing healthcare management and delivery in the county, highlighting key areas of focus, such as enhancing accountability in the use of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical services provided by county facilities.

Dr. Paul Musila, the County Health Executive Committee Member (ECM), explained that the system will lead to a more efficient, paperless environment, with improved administrative procedures and enhanced patient care.

The project is a joint implementation between the ICT and health departments, reflecting the county’s commitment to leveraging technology to streamline healthcare delivery and improve overall patient outcomes.

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