INDIA – Mankind Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company, based in New Delhi, has launched a new drug which is reported to have curative capabilities against Black fungus.

This drug joins amphotericin B injections in the drug market as India strives to tackle the fungal infection outbreak.

Mankind Pharma was among the five drug manufacturers in India that the government got in touch with in reference to tackling the infection.

In a press release statement during their launch, Mankind Pharma said that they have always strived to ensure they provide affordable drugs that meet quality standards within the pharmaceutical industry.

This new drug Posaforce 100 has been approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) with All Indian Institute of Medicine Science (AIIMS), recommending its usage.

The drug has also received support from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and U.S Food & Drug Association (U.S FDA).

Black fungus scientifically known as Mucormycosis is a complication caused by a fungal infection. This fungal infection affects the sinuses and lungs if the fungal spores are inhaled.

Most infections are as a result of people coming into contact with fungal spores within the environment when one exposes an open wound, scrape, burn, or any skin related trauma to the fungus.

This infection has been noted to be prevalent among recovering and recovered COVID-19 patients as well as diabetics and individuals with low immunity.

Currently, an estimate of around 12000 infections have been recorded with cases in Maharashtra soaring up to 7395.

For the cases in India, it has been noted that COVID-19 related infections are synonymous to black fungus because of the steroid drug used to fight the corona virus that suppresses the immune system making patients vulnerable to the black fungus infection.

Notable symptoms of the fungal infection include facial swelling, nasal congestion, headache, fever, cough and shortness of breath.

With this recent launch by Mankind Pharma, India is on course to tackle the supply chain deficit of the antifungal drugs meant to cure black fungus.