INDIA – Max Healthcare, a giant Indian based corporation in the healthcare sector, has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) powered device integrated patient monitoring framework, claimed to be the first in the country.

The project was a success owing to the fact that Max Healthcare collaborated with digital health solutions, an Indian social business that uses technology and creativity to make high-quality health services.

This was a move Max Healthcare undertook in a bid to expand its geography of care, allowing patients from across India and globally to stay connected with Max Hospitals and its doctors.

Patients can use the platform Max MyHealth to monitor their vitals with clinical devices integrated to the app, allowing clinical readings to flow seamlessly from the device into the app and into the electronic medical records (EMR), for a doctor’s review.

This newly launched Max MyHealth+ ecosystem, built in collaboration with MyHealthcare, has integrated blood pressure monitors, ECG and heart rate devices and blood sugar monitoring devices.

The system uses AI tools to monitor vitals and the tools also help in ECG interpretation as well as sending vital alerts to doctors if the parameters are outside the permissible limits.

Max Healthcare also seeks to further expand its scope and explore care programmes for diabetes management, cardiac care and hypertension management, which include daily patient monitoring, periodic virtual consultations with Max Hospital doctors, dieticians and clinical advisors.

With a dwindling healthcare system in India, the state is struggling to stay afloat as the pandemic mauls across the state with a current tally of 30 million reported cases of the corona virus.

Despite the pandemic, other chronic ailments are still reported in the country and considering that India was previously considered a giant in the healthcare industry with patients coming from all international corners just to get treated, the country is seeking alternatives of providing healthcare remotely.

The digital healthcare has witnessed a tremendous growth over the past one year when the pandemic first began with notable names like PharmEasy, IMG and Tata making headlines with digital healthcare solutions.

This move by Max Healthcare to join the digital world with solutions such as telemedicine to deliver healthcare services to patients beyond the physical walls of a hospital was a much-needed move as the second wave of the pandemic hits the nation.

This innovation will place home care service providers to be in a position to deploy digital solutions for monitoring and managing the care needs for mild to moderate COVID patients.