INDIA – Max Healthcare has joined forces with Intuitive India to establish Southeast Asia’s first Total Program Observation (TPO) Centre.

According to the official statement issued by Max Healthcare, the TPO Centre will be strategically housed within Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket in the southern part of New Delhi in India.

Southeast Asia’s first TPO Centre will provide healthcare professionals with diverse opportunities to observe and learn from multi-disciplinary robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) programs.

Max Healthcare and Intuitive India will jointly launch the regional Total Program Observation Centre, which is expected to be fully operational before the end of 2023.

This timely partnership will build on the significant progress made by Intuitive to enhance the surgical ecosystem in India.

It is in line with Intuitive’s vision to equip as many as possible healthcare professionals to use advanced surgical technologies for better patient outcomes, especially in cancer care and other complex surgeries.

In a press statement, Henry Charlton, Intuitive’s Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer, said: “TPO centres can be transformative forces for supporting robotic-assisted surgery on a global scale.”

By setting up this TPO Center, the partnership between Max Healthcare and Intuitive India has the potential to have a positive impact on both India and Southeast Asia’s surgical healthcare ecosystem.

The TPO Centre will play a significant role in empowering both local and regional healthcare professionals to drive advancements in patient care using robotic-assisted surgery.

Additionally, the Total Program Observation Centre will serve as an advanced clinical technology training facility dedicated to training healthcare professionals.

The establishment of the new TPO Center by Max Healthcare and Intuitive India will set the table to address the important aspects of developing a robotic surgical program.

The TPO Centre housed within Max Super Specialty Hospital is poised to solve key issues around financial viability, building a robotic steering committee, and sustained investment pathways.

As a part of the new collaboration, Max Healthcare is set to introduce a fellowship program and publish research papers in robotic-assisted surgery.

Expressing his excitement about this collaboration, Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja, Group Medical Director of Max Healthcare, stated: “Working with Intuitive as a TPO centre will allow us to share our best practices in RAS with surgeons and various healthcare professionals in India and beyond.”

By sharing insights and experiences, the Max Healthcare-Intutive collaboration aims not only to create a culture of excellence but also to help elevate surgical healthcare standards in the South Asian region.

In order to become an Intuitive robotic-assisted TPO centre, a hospital or health system must follow certain criteria.

The Intuitive officials conducted a comprehensive review that encompassed every aspect of Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket’s offerings.

Max Super Specialty Hospital was selected based on its existing RAS programme with over three specialties in the medical field.

Moreover, the hospital serves as a clinical observation site for more than two specialties and has successfully adopted robotic technology, including advanced instrumentation.

On his part, Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja asserted: “I am certain that sharing our experience as a world-class robotic surgery facility at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket will pave the way for more hospitals to develop successful robotic programs.”

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