USA—Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit American academic medical center dedicated to integrated healthcare, education, and research, has introduced a new program aimed at expediting the development and implementation of digital health solutions within hospitals. 

This initiative, known as Solutions Studio, was unveiled on March 12th at the annual HIMSS conference in Orlando, Florida.

As part of the Mayo Clinic Platform, Solutions Studio focuses on leveraging data insights and technology adoption across its product and service portfolio.

The primary objective of the program is to accelerate the development, validation, and deployment of digital health solutions while seamlessly integrating them into healthcare workflows.

By doing so, it aims to mitigate the high costs and complexities often faced by digital health startups during the commercialization process, thus fostering greater adoption of solutions within hospitals.

Mayo Clinic’s overarching mission is to simplify and hasten digital health innovation and adoption by granting access to global, federated, de-identified data and facilitating quick, scalable integration into clinical workflows.

Solutions Studio will benefit digital health enterprises by providing clean, curated, de-identified data from various worldwide regions for model creation and refinement.

 Additionally, it will offer a library of tools with analytics and federated training capabilities, along with the ability to conduct objective assessments of model performance using the Mayo Clinic Platform Validate.

Moreover, Solution Studio will streamline the integration of solutions into clinical workflows through Mayo Clinic Platform Deploy.

It will also establish a rigorous solution qualifying process encompassing due diligence, clinical assessment, risk classification, and quantitative review by professional physicians and data scientists.

Other platform benefits will include standardized contracting processes, marketing opportunities, and access to Mayo Clinic Care Network member hospitals, along with specialized insights and support from Mayo Clinic experts and implementation services.

During the announcement, John Halamka, M.D., Mayo Clinic Platform and co-founder and board chair of the Coalition for Health AI (CHAI), emphasized the transformative impact of AI in healthcare.

He highlighted the importance of testing, deploying, and assessing AI solutions and noted that Solutions Studio’s rigorous certification process ensures fairness, appropriateness, validity, and effectiveness.

On his part, Steve Bethke, vice president of product portfolio at Mayo Clinic Platform, emphasized the significant time and financial investments required by solution developers, underscoring Solutions Studio’s role in accelerating the development and implementation of solutions.

In her speech, Sonya Makhni, M.D., medical director of solutions for Mayo Clinic Platform, echoed the enthusiasm for AI’s potential in healthcare but stressed the need for doctors to have the necessary tools to demystify and appropriately apply AI in clinical care.

As founding members of CHAI, she mentioned that they established guiding principles that serve as the cornerstone of Solutions Studio, enabling innovators to swiftly bring qualified concepts to life while offering providers high-quality solutions they can trust.

The Mayo Clinic Platform was launched in 2019 and now serves as a marketplace for developers seeking to build health-data-driven products.

With twenty-eight firms utilizing the platform last year, Mayo anticipates increased participation, with “up to five of the world’s top hospitals” contributing data by the end of 2024.

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