UAE – Mediclinic Welcare Hospital’s Centre of Excellence in Specialised Prostate Treatment (COESPT) has become the United Arab Emirate’s first institution to be accredited by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC).

On top of this, the hospital has been accredited as a centre of excellence for minimally invasive gynecology (COEMIG) for 2023.

The COEMIG programme, awarded by the Surgical Review Corporation, recognises medical facilities and surgeons who undertake minimally invasive gynaecological procedures and meet strict patient safety and care quality criteria.

In a statement by Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, Dr. Salam Alhasani, Consultant Urologist and Head of the Urology Department at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, said: “Our team is honoured to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Specialised Prostate Treatment.”

As part of Mediclinic Group, Mediclinic Welcare Hospital continues to establish the digital foundation required to facilitate its growth across the continuum of care.

Mediclinic Welcare Hospital has been recognised for its commitment to innovation by offering its patients medical treatment in a comprehensive and personalised way.

Mediclinic Welcare Hospital’s COESPT was judged to meet the highest standards in care and treatment options for prostate diseases by the Surgical Review Corporation.

Commenting on this fete, Dr. Salam Alhasani stated: “This achievement reaffirms our commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare services to our patients, especially in the area of prostate treatment.”

The Centre of Excellence in Specialised Prostate Treatment provides expert diagnosis and treatment of prostate-related conditions including inflammation (prostatitis), benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and prostate cancer.

Led by Dr. Salam Alhasani, the Centre of Excellence is staffed with a team of professionals to provide a higher level of specialist and advanced treatment options for patients.

When you choose Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, you’re not just choosing a healthcare facility; you’re choosing a commitment to excellence. That is why all our centres of excellence are accredited by the Surgical Review Corporation to ensure our patients receive the highest quality care,” outlined Dr. Salam.

It is worth highlighting that Dr. Salam is at the forefront of innovation in prostate treatment, gaining recognition for being the first in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to use iTind and the first in the UAE to use REZUM.

The iTind procedure is a new alternative to prescription medication or invasive surgery while REZUM is a minimally invasive transurethral water vapour therapy for benign prostatic enlargement which uses thermal energy for treatment.

Adoption of minimally invasive surgical procedures

For his part, Dr. Salam reflected: “We continually strive to deliver cutting-edge medical advancements while ensuring compassionate care and improved quality of life for our patients.”

Notably, the iTind (Temporarily Implanted Nitinol Device) treatment is a new minimally invasive treatment that takes 5 to 7 days with immediate results.

Unlike other non-surgical BPH procedures, the iTind involves no heating or removal of prostate tissue, and no permanent implant is left behind.

Developed by Olympus, the iTind is placed into the prostatic urethra in a narrow, folded configuration. This device expands and exerts gentle pressure at three precise points to remodel the prostatic urethra and the opening to the bladder.

On the other hand, the REZUM procedure uses sterile water vapor (steam) that is injected into the enlarged portions of the prostate.

The steam causes the prostate cells that are responsible for the enlargement to die, which then leads to the shrinking of the prostate, which in turn creates a more open urinary pathway.

Bearing that in mind, Dr. Salam and his team are using both advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures for the management of prostate disease.

In the pursuit of clinical excellence, Dr. Salam said: “Clinical Centres of Excellence are dedicated units within our medical facility that focus on providing exceptional care for specific medical conditions or treatments.”

He assured patients and their families that Mediclinic Welcare Hospital’s Clinical Centres of Excellence represent the pinnacle of specialised care, where expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a compassionate patient-centric approach converge.

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