INDIA – India Medtronic Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medtronic plc, has partnered with, a health tech firm that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for medical imaging diagnostics, to deploy AI-powered solutions for stroke care in India.

Through the collaboration, the two parties will be incorporating artificial intelligence into stroke care at primary and secondary healthcare facilities.

The latest agreement aims to lay the foundation for the integration of artificial intelligence in advanced stroke management in India.

Leveraging Medtronic’s leadership in neurosciences with’s neuro-critical solutions, the latest partnership will enhance operational efficiency in hospitals by optimizing hub-spoke pathways.

The joint statement said: “The collaboration aims to provide AI solutions to comprehensive stroke centers as well as primary stroke centers and establish a hub-and-spoke network that is connected via technology.”

This move follows Medtronic’s partnership with Ahmedabad-based Zydus Hospitals to incorporate cutting-edge artificial intelligence into stroke care in Gujarat, India.

Similarly, Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, partnered with NicoLab, a MedTech stroke care company, to increase leverage on Philips’ stroke portfolio.

Medtronic has been partnering with Indian-based hospitals to advance its vision of transforming stroke care for patients.

In 2022, the medical devices company launched the Medtronic Neurovascular Co-Lab, an innovation process, and platform for new ideas in the treatment of stroke care.

Medtronic Neurovascular Co-Lab Platform is creating a one-of-a-kind system to collect and quickly examine ideas from doctors, individual inventors, entrepreneurs, startup companies, or anyone else passionate about improving stroke care,” the company says on its site.

Through its stroke care products and solutions, the company aspires to improve patients’ access to advanced stroke therapy by addressing systemic issues.

As part of the agreement with Medtronic, Indian-based will deploy its comprehensive set of solutions, qER, and the Qure app, specifically designed to assist clinicians in streamlining the stroke care pathway for patients.

The AI-powered qER will ensure real-time reading and interpretation of head CT scans and other vital parameters for the timely treatment of stroke patients in India.

Clinicians can share the health data captured on the Qure app, which is a platform for communication, bringing together multidisciplinary teams from different hospitals.

The turnaround time of reading and diagnosing head CT appears to have reduced from ~65 mins to~2 mins using qER as per public records,” claims

This AI-driven system will aid in faster identification, decision-making, and triaging of stroke patients, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

This comes as the burden of stroke is increasing in India, it is now the fourth leading cause of death and the fifth leading cause of disability. Nearly 1.8 million patients are affected by stroke each year.

The partnership between Medtronic and focuses on early diagnosis, management, symptom awareness, and structured patient pathways to reduce stroke risk in India.

Additionally, the strategic alliance will pave the way for similar initiatives toward establishing referral pathways and systematic care for stroke survivors in India.

This comes as received fresh funds to expand and strengthen its global presence as well as to accelerate product development for critical care and community diagnostics.

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