SIERRA LEONE—The Ministry of Health, in partnership with the renowned worldwide charity Mercy Ships, has announced an extension of Global Mercy’s stay in Sierra Leone.

This is in response to President Julius Maada Bio’s invitation, the ship’s presence underscores a dedication to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and accessibility in the nation.

The announcement has been embraced by the government and people of Sierra Leone, where there are only 25 surgeons for a population of 8 million people, there is a need to focus on health issues.

This demonstrates the dedication to meeting Sierra Leoneans’ surgical requirements and expanding healthcare education in the region.

Since its arrival in Freetown in August 2023, Mercy Ships’ largest and newest medical ship, the Global Mercy, has been providing critical surgical services in accordance with Sierra Leone’s strategic healthcare strategy.

Mercy Ships has done approximately 10,200 surgical procedures in Sierra Leone since 1992, demonstrating its long-standing dedication to the country’s healthcare needs.

The Global Mercy will resume operations in Sierra Leone in August after a short annual maintenance stint in Tenerife in June.

This is Mercy Ships’ sixth voyage to Sierra Leone and the first for its newest hospital ship, Global Mercy.

Mercy Ships expects to perform over 2,350 surgeries during this field mission while simultaneously collaborating with national partners to strengthen Sierra Leone’s surgical and anaesthetic systems.

More than 200 healthcare professionals will receive extensive training and guidance in fields such as nurse anaesthesia, biomedical technology, and ophthalmology.

The Mercy Ships team will collaborate with Sierra Leone’s leadership and partners, such as Connaught Hospital in Freetown, the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons, and the West African College of Surgeons.

The organization’s mission will continue to provide free surgery in a variety of specialties, including maxillofacial, general, pediatric, orthopaedic, reconstructive plastic, and ophthalmic treatments.

Patient registration, sponsored by Mercy Ships in partnership with the Ministry of Health, will take place on specific dates and locations to be announced in June.

The registration is free of charge, ensuring equal access to surgical care for everyone.

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