UAE – Metanoa, a Kerala-cloud-based healthcare firm, has become the first startup focused on developmental disorders to integrate with Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Network & Analysis Backbone for Integrated Dubai Health(NABIDH) platform. 

This significant achievement marks a breakthrough in managing patient data for individuals with autism, learning disorders, and other developmental needs within the Dubai healthcare system.

NABIDH, an initiative by the Dubai Health Authority, is a secure health information exchange platform that connects public and private healthcare facilities across Dubai. 

Through NABIDH, these institutions can securely exchange electronic health records (EHRs) and other crucial health information, fostering improved communication and collaboration between healthcare providers and ultimately leading to better quality care for Dubai’s citizens and residents.

Metanoa’s integration with NABIDH unlocks a new era of possibilities for their operations within the UAE’s healthcare landscape. 

This integration’s benefits include seamless data exchange, improved care coordination, enhanced efficiency, and holistic patient care. 

By enabling healthcare providers to access a comprehensive medical history, NABIDH integration facilitates a more holistic approach to patient care. 

It empowers specialists to make more informed decisions and tailor treatment plans to individual needs.

Metanoa’s CEO, Vibin Varghese, emphasized the importance of this integration, stating, “Our web application for clinics streamlines tasks and allows therapists to focus more on patient care.

“Our integrated screening tools, automated reports, and AI-based recommendations will help speed up therapy, benefiting patients with various disorders.”

The integration with NABIDH is a significant innovation in managing patient data for individuals with developmental disorders in Dubai. 

It aligns perfectly with the growing healthcare sector in the UAE, where the demand for specialized services, particularly for those dealing with autism, learning disorders, and other developmental challenges, is steadily rising. 

By integrating with NABIDH, Metanoa positions itself at the forefront of innovation, contributing to improved healthcare outcomes for patients with developmental disorders in Dubai.

This milestone marks a significant achievement for Metanoa, which has been striving to make a significant impact on the lives of children with developmental disorders. 

The startup, backed by Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), has been gaining increasing acceptance globally, as millions of children suffer from various developmental challenges.

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